Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Modern style house by Artem Kornilov

Here is a cozy and lovely small apartment interior design by Artem Kornilov. 2 bedroom contemporary apartment is best suited for those who like modern interior style, unencumbered by the monotonous "radical minimalist.
Authors project - the constant participant of our problems - design company from St Petersburg "The first office was in the room" Much of their work look fresh, efficient and unbanal different solutions that can be used even during the repair of economy class. If you live in a small apartment, certainly, interested in ways to make it as comfortable.
But if the rebuilding is not possible (or desirable) - for technical assistance to help the experienced designer will actually increase the visual volume of small apartments.
Soft lights on the cable, do not cut off the ceiling light eyes - another good solution for low ceilings.
Animalistic tone carpeting and mirrors echo the design of furniture and bedding. A wallpaper made from natural fibers and simple simulasi.Bentuk canopy restrained furniture and almost complete lack of decor on the facade of the closet perfectly coincides with the aesthetic of Scandinavian style, and chandelier light makes elegant element of the game. Wall - the accent, the rest of the walls - a different color, are also relatively cool (gray-brown).
But in combination with the cream furniture cabinet, he does not look bleak, but it is comfortable.
Green, despite many positive "therapy" quality, now rarely used for walls, increasingly prefer other colors.
The main green grass is perfect with white, creating a fresh overview. Various shades of variation acquired by the "green" for small accessories (pillows, carpets, rugs).
Cool small outdoor terrace with a hammock charming. This is a perfect room atmosphere while looking around the apartment, there is also a small patio garden which makes the atmosphere a little quiet.
Traditional bath was replaced with a spacious bath beautiful brevity is the bathroom situation underlines the great ornamental tiles -. Elegant and glamorous.Functional cabinet a bit written in the niche opposite the sink.


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