Thursday, 28 February 2013

Shabby is Better!

I am overjoyed

with the outcome

of this chair and slipcover!

Wait till you see it!

Initially, this chair looked like this...

Fairly new upholstery and very comfortable plus sturdy, this chair however, was not the look I was thinking of.

I painted the arms and legs with Annie Sloan Old White Chalk Paint then sealed it with Minwax Polycrylic. I love both of these products

Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Winter Be Gone!

That's right, friends ... even though it's cold and still feeling like winter OUTside ... according to our mantel ... the warmer temps have arrived ... the bunnies are hopping ... the *faux* florals are blooming ... annnnnd, the fake eggs are out in full force!  

I'm hoping maybe ... just MAYbe ... that these Spring touches I've added will grab Mother Nature's attention and encourage her to move the season along!

I mean, after all ... our pretty, faux plants from IKEA should help scare the cold temps away, right?!

And, this sweet "bunny in a basket" ornament and faux flowers from Michael's should make old man winter go into hiding! 

And, naturally, these seasonal pastel malted milk balls will entice Spring to come closer, right?!

Look ... even our little bunnies have had enough by showing that they "shalt" not "hear, see or speak" of winter ANY more!

If that still doesn't send winter away, hopefully, our egg wreath (from Home Goods) will help to do the trick!

If not, our banner (from Target) announcing SPRING will certainly let Mother Nature know that enough is enough!

I say that we all join forces by pulling out our eggs, bunnies, florals and anything SPRING to help make winter disappear(!)... whaddaya think?  No way will it want to stick around if we all ban together!  I'll be eagerly waiting to see all that you do!

Until then, I'll just stare at our mantel a bit longer and see what happens!  LOL

As always, thanks so much for stopping by!

I'm off to play here:

Savvy Southern Style/WUW
Eclectically Vintage/Spring Link Party

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Monthly Round Up!!

Here is a round up of what I talked and shared about on my blog this month.

1. Earlier this month I shared how sometimes my son and I spend quality time together doing something creative  and that is 'Moment of Creativity & Togetherness'.

2. Then there was an interview with talented quilling artist Suganthi. Who shared something about herself and her artwork. Check out 'Inspiring Emonent Blogger: Suganthi'.

3. As it was month of Love so I shared some on my blog. See my quilled heart love tree here

4. On Valentine's day I set table for two. See how my Valentine's Day tablescape was spreading love and was creating romantic ambiance.

5. Do you love rearranging your home quite often. Want to do contemporary decor this time, then you will surely love this post on 'Contemporary Interiors'.

6. Then I shared some useful tips and of course bit unusual ones. Go through the post 'Unusual Uses Of Toothpaste'.

See you all next month with some inspiring, creative and interesting posts. Stay tuned!!!

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Make it Useful!

It's sad when you're unwanted!

To be tossed in the trash like your nothing.

Of no use.

To no one!

That's the way this lovely lamp started out life with me. I found it sticking out of a dumpster like this...

It appeared that someone may have made it out of walnut in say, a shop class. I knew I could give it charm.

 Give it style.  (and rewire it)

Make it useful again.


Friday, 22 February 2013

Some Unusual Uses Of ToothPaste

Did you know toothpaste has some more interesting uses other than making teeth sparkling white. Read on to know some tips but be sure you are using white paste not that gel one.

1. Goggles, mirror, diving mask or any other glass item can be cleaned efficiently with toothpaste. Just apply small amount on glass surface and wipe it off with lint free cloth. 
2. To get rid of nasty smell of garlic, onion and fish from your palm just rub small amount of toothpaste  thoroughly on your palm and wash with water.
3. Toothpaste works wonder on minor burns (please note not open wound). For instant relief and cooling effect apply toothpaste on the affected area.
4. Toothpaste can sparkle silver, brass and metal jewelry also. Apply small amount on brush and brush it gently on the metal surface let it dry, rinse it with water and wipe with cloth for shine. It will turn grungy metal into shiny one in no time.
5. Crayon marks on wall is way too difficult to take out. No need to worry as toothpaste can do it for you. Just a dab of it on crayon mark and then rub it gently with wet cloth and let it dry. But be sure that your wall paint allows you to do it, sometimes paint can fade and glossy wall can look less shiny. So better apply on small area first and then see the result.
6. You can clean your iron too. Yes those black patches on your iron can spoil your cloths. Apply toothpaste on iron's surface and scrub gently. Your iron will look new.
7. Now for some clean and clear skin. Apply small amount on pimples, insect bites or bee sting leave it overnight and wash it off in the morning. It reduces blemishes very quickly.
8. To get rid of sour milk smell from baby's milk bottle, take toothpaste on sponge and apply inside the bottle rinse it properly.
9. It can make your sink shiny. Just apply toothpaste all around the sink, faucet and drain, rub it and rinse properly, Sink not only will shine but will smell good also.
10. Take little amount of toothpaste on brush and brush gently on finger nails and toenails. It will make them shiny and healthier. 
11. Toothpaste works well in removing stains from cloths and carpet also. Apply small amount on stain rub it vigorously and then wash in washer. Don't use this on bright colored cloths.
12. Apply elbow grease, water and toothpaste on furniture and then wipe off with  cloth. Your furniture will shine like never before.
13. Sometimes we see those water rings on tables and are too tough to get rid of. Just a tiny drop of toothpaste and rub it off with cloth. 
14. You can bring those scratched CDs and DVDs again to life by applying toothpaste on scratched side of CD/DVD and rub gently in circular motion then wipe off.
15. Toothpaste works wonder on scuffed up leather items and sneakers. Apply small amount on the surface with brush , rub it and then wipe it with clean cloth.

Did you know that apart from 25-45% water, toothpaste contains: 
1. Fluoride
2. Abrasive
3. Detergent
So please take care of sensitive surfaces and areas before using toothpaste. Its always good to run small patch test before using it on skin, bright colored cloth & bold colored or glossy walls.
Do you know some other unusual use of share with us :)

Thursday, 21 February 2013

Extending the Fireplace!

I wanted to figure out a cheap way to extend my fireplace...

To make it look like it extends all the way from the ceiling to the floor.

To do this was easy...

Even though I had to correct a mistake that I made!

The original fireplace in our living room is huge. I can stand under the mantel at 5 foot tall!

First, I began by taping off the wall at the edge of the mantel and cut in

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Impromptu Project

Have you ever been sitting at your dining room table when, all of a sudden, you look over at your front door and decide that it needs to be painted right then and there?

If so, that sounds like my house yesterday!

I've walked by ... opened ... cleaned, this same front door for almost 7 years.  *Never* have I thought about painting it anything other than white.  But, for some strange reason ... that changed a few days ago.  This is what our door looked like at 10:00 a.m. yesterday morning (sorry for the poor picture quality ... I could not seem to get ride of the shadows around the windows),

And, THIS is what it looked like at 10:20 a.m.!  LOL.  I just happened to have a can of black paint on hand ... and, well, our door got a new look!  

I love the difference!  And, now, it matches the outside of the door, as well!

I love impromptu projects like that, don't you?

Speaking of projects ... here's something else I'm working on, which includes this beautiful fabric, which I hope will unite our dining and sitting rooms!

I'll share the finished results soon!

Thanks for stopping by ... Happy Week!

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Sunday, 17 February 2013

A Tufted Beauty!

Meet the new stool in my life!

This one is full of charm, like most of them are, however, this one is tufted and oh so soft.

I first met this gal at a summer garage sale. She spoke to me when I passed her, but I paid little attention. I was on the hunt for something else.

Then, I looked down and saw her...

She was ripped and tired of her overcoat and she was even broken underneath. I

Interiors: Contemporary

Contemporary style decorating is trend that is of the moment and belongs to the same time. If you want to achieve the contemporary look for your home here are some guidelines and tips:

Furniture: 'Less is more' is the key while doing up home in contemporary style. Contemporary furniture should have straight lines, clean edges and bold color. Geometrical shapes looks very trendy.  Place the furniture in uncluttered way.
Furnishings: Minimal furnishing suits this style. Furnishing should blend well with color of wall. Don't opt for contrast as it doesn't work well for this style. Pastel or soft colors give perfect contemporary look. 

Image Source: Click Here
Wall Color: Soft colors on wall with one wall painted in bold color for creating focal point. Wallpaper is also a good option for feature wall.

Image Source: Click Here
Floor: Floor should be bare and smooth. Wooden flooring is the latest trend and looks beautiful.  Rugs, carpets with geometrical shape and funky patterns are the best choice to achieve the look.

Image Source: Click Here
Accessories: Funky accessories in color that blends with furnishing. But keep in mind that don't over accessories your home if you want to decor your home in contemporary style.

Image Source: Click Here
This style of decor is serene, comfortable and stylish as well. It promotes simplicity to your home. 

Image Source: Click Here
These are some simple tips that can help you achieve desired contemporary look for your home.
To know more about other decorating style stay tuned!!

Friday, 15 February 2013

Feature at Worthing Court

Happy Friday, sweet friends!
While I'm going crazy in our home this weekend, taking down Valentine's and adding in Spring/Easter decor, the sweet and talented Suzy is featuring our humble abode over on her wonderful blog, Worthing Court.
I'd love for you to come visit if you have a moment ... just click HERE!

Thanks a bunch and have a fabulous weekend!

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Thursday, 14 February 2013

Valentine's day Tablescape: Table For Two

Sharing my emotions that I can't hold today........................ 

My husband has made me laugh, wiped my tears, hugged me tight, watched me succeed, seen me fail, cheered me on, kept me going strong. My husband is a promise from God that I'll have a friend forever

Now let's start setting a table for two for that special day- Valentine's Day!!

Valentine's Day

Have you figured out what colour combination do you want for Valentine's day table setting. I chose red & white for this special occasion. As my crockery and accessories collection have red and white in abundance. So it was easy for me to go with this combination.

Napkin ring is made of Quilled Heart that you can see in my earlier post. Name tag is placed on plate with initials written on it. 

Valentine's Day

Simple yet lovely and I think perfect for occasion. everything red & white. Candles and lamps complete the romantic look.

Valentine's Day

Here is some glow and glitter for that romantic ambiance.

Valentine's Day

 Stained glass jar is serving as a vase to hold my love tree (Click here to know how you can make Love tree).

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day

This candle I made during Diwali festival last year. It's an aroma candle perfect one for romantic dinner.

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day

Terracotta diffuser is filled with lavender fragrance and the room was filled with intoxicating aroma.

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day

 Hearts everywhere..........

Valentine's Day

and some sumptuous food of course...........

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day

Hope you also enjoyed your day with your loved ones!!!
Wish you a very Happy Valentine's Day

PS: All images are mine and are subject to copyright. Please don't use or copy images without my permission

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

She came home on Mahalaya...

It all began one July afternoon in 2011, while having chai on our terrace in Bangalore, 
Mr. Husband and I were reminiscing about our respective childhood days spent in Calcutta, West Bengal. {Yes, both of us had Grandparents who lived in the ‘City of Joy’}

The rich culture, the distinct architecture, the warm people and the simple daily life in the land of the Goddess is so deeply engrained in our memories that we wanted it to be part of our lives today. To be depicted in the form of art that could be cherished everyday. Forever.

With each painting that Dithi Mukherjee uploaded on her blog, we knew that she was the only one who could bring our memories alive with strokes of her paint saturated with Bengal folk-art and mythology.

Dithi Mukherjee needs no introduction but let me try.
She is a self-taught artist and a print-maker from West Bengal, India living in Geneva, Switzerland. Her paintings are inspired by the rich traditions of India, her childhood memories, her experiences in the magical land of Bengal, the folk art and the music of the Bauls… 

Her unique style of painting has the viewer getting lost in the eyes that are nectar-filled pools of beauty.

Away from home.
The unabashed use of a vibrant palette of colours, the Bengal influence makes Dithi's work very exclusive.
Kumortully Ghats 
Mother and daughter.

Her talent weaves magic on anyone who looks at these canvases steeped in vibrant hues.

On a personal level, I met Dithi online via Vineeta’s blog in 2009 and there was an instant connection.
A creative connection. 
A connection fueled by our love for India, the great admiration for our culture and traditions. 
A connection shared with many cups of steaming hot masala chai over the internet. 
A connection based on our love for the beauty of life. 
A connection based on the highest regard for each other’s creative work.

We commissioned Dithi to paint for us amidst her hectic travels between Geneva and India and our imminent move to Minnesota.

For us, Calcutta is our favourite Bonedi draped in the traditional soft Bengal handloom saree, the Shanka pola (White & Red Bangles), a hand fan for those hot humid summers, the black & white flooring on which we as kids ran with abandon during our summer vacations. 

Few weeks before Durga Pujo, 2012 with each exchange of mails, with each shared thought, with each experience, with each stroke of her brush the Bonedi was getting transformed into someone mystical, someone magical, someone embodying the supreme feminine power. 

She was becoming the Goddess
She was becoming Durga.
She was becoming Maa.

In October, 2012 Dithi was leaving for India to be with her family for the Pujos and she mailed the painting of Maa just before she left.

Each day passed filled with the anticipation of Maa’s arrival. 
....and then finally.

A beautiful golden handwritten note by Dithi.

She arrived!

Maa arrived on Mahalaya
{The auspicious day that heralds the advent of Goddess Durga, the beginning of the Navaratris}

Dithi elevated the painting to a completely superlative creative level with her interpretations, the profusion of colours on the canvas, the lotus-petal eyes to drown in, the spring-green ‘pakhi’ Her consort, the crimson-coloured fingertips, the Bangla composition by Rabindranath Tagore that runs along like an intricate silk border that holds the painting so delicately.

Maa's space in our humble abode.

The birdcage on the camphor chest is representative of the profound composition 'Khanchar Pakhi Chhilo' by Rabindranath Tagore depicted in the painting.
Here is the translation.

Meanwhile in Calcutta, Dithi helped me get a bunch of traditional Bengali Sindoor Daanis’ {Containers for storing Vermillion powder} which I wanted to be part of Maa’s corner in our home.

Along with the Sindoor Danis came Tara Maa's Magical Padukas. 

I have mentioned before in many of the previous posts that whenever art in any form comes home: It is a blessing. 

With Maa coming home to us, in our new home, in a new country, we feel completely blessed!

When the ochre lights come on in the evening.

Thank you Dithi Mukherjee, for giving us Maa!

Hop over to Dithi's blog to read her post on the creation of Maa.

( Copyrighted Images by Arch, Painting by Dithi Mukerjee. Please don't use without permission)