Thursday, 29 May 2014

I Tried & FAILED...Sort Of!

Remember when I showed you how to use a Sharpie to decorate ceramic, then bake to set it? You can see the details of that post HERE. I made this winter banner out of a plate with this method...

 And a couple of more plates that I display in my home...

So, I decided that I wanted a kitchen spoon rest by my stove but not a regular fashioned with this method.

I came up with

Thursday, 22 May 2014

Map + Deer = Wall Art

My brain is in creative mode most all the time. And I wanted to make something unusual for my grown son, who lives in Kansas and is a hunter.

First, I came across a 1965 map of Kansas. You know the kind that your parents kept in their glovebox and they could pick up at gas stations! I knew I could do something with it for his new farmhouse.

I painted a deer head silhouette on the left side

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Spring Kitchen Shelves

Hello, hello ... anyone home?!

Yup, I'm guilty of blog neglect!  But, in my defense, as many of you know, our home is on the market, as we are moving from South Carolina back to Virginia.

And, because I've had to really "simplify" our home during the selling process, honestly, I've had nothing to share, and it's driving me crazy!  LOL!  I can't wait to get into a new home and start all over, sharing my madness every step of the way!

Before I start packing things up, I thought I'd share our simple kitchen shelves. The shelves that I painstakingly made ... I'm going to miss them!

Nothing fancy ... just simple pieces, like white plates and pitchers (all from HomeGoods)

And, whether it's pretty plates (also from Home Goods)

or, plastic bottles of Pellegrino ... color is mandatory for my Spring decor!

Faux green apples (Wal-Mart) popping against a simple silver platter (GoodWill), remind me that the warmer months are finally here! 

I hope that our future home (that we have yet to find) will have a special wall begging for a few shelves, too!  I just hope that I can remember how I made them!

Thanks so much, and I hope you'll join me on our new "adventures in decorating" once we have a new address!

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Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Gifts from the Heart!

I am back from a little vacation to see my son and his family...

A good friend of mine had a birthday and I wanted to do something special for her. We like most of the same things...antiques, flea markets, specialty stores, trash to treasures, thrift stores, garage sales, etc.

I took her to lunch then we shopped some of the quaint stores in Hannibal, Mo. which is right across the river from

Sunday, 11 May 2014

Why You NEED A Rug Pad!

There are 

5 main reasons

Why you NEED a

pad under your rug...

1.) Protection - Very important! A pad prevents dye transfer, marring, staining, and scratching to the floor or carpeting beneath.

A perfect example is from, because their website makes it simple to choose the right pad for your flooring. After clicking the site, it simply asks the questions; Select Surface

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Home Decor In Indian Summers

Summers have already arrived in my part of the world 
and I am little late in publishing this post but I am sure that it will be helpful for all those who are still waiting for summers to arrive.  Make the most of the season by decorating it in summery accent. Are you wondering how you can do that, well read on.........

Paint walls in cool colours: 
Try painting walls in calm colors like apple green, blue or lemon yellow. Striped walls can give perfect summer feel to home. Fresh coat of color can make home look bright and summery. What about painting your room in turquoise and then accenting it with yellow and green cushions and other accessories.

Summer Decor Ideas
Image Source: Click Here
Update furnishing:
Furnishing suddenly changes the appearance of any room. Try hanging white sheer curtains to brighten up the room but it's not always white that brighten up the space, you can try shades of blue or green to add the cheer. Flowery and leafy print bed linens are best for summers. Use light and airy ones for perfect summery feel.

Summer Decor Ideas
Image Source: Click Here
Paint furniture:
Painting furniture in cool colours is an easy and quick way to welcome summers. Try painting dark furniture in white color to bring in the freshness and place bold color pillows on sofa to compliment it. Yes it can be cane wood/wicker furniture. Use wicker, cane or iron furniture for outdoors. It's suitable for summers and put some fresh flowers and tea light on the table to spend pleasant summer evening.

Summer Decor Ideas
Image Source: Click Here
Add some green:
Bring in fresh flowers and leafy plants for cheerful and green atmosphere inside the home. Indoor plants can highlight any corner in your home.

Summer Decor Ideas
Image Source: Click Here
Update accessories:
Choose summer theme for home, it can be nautical, beach, ocean, fruits, flower, insect. Place related accessories throughout the home to achieve the look of chosen theme. Tray full of conch and shells on the coffee table are just perfect to welcome summer into your home.

Summer Decor Ideas
Image Source: Click Here
Set up balcony:
Setup balcony with white daybed, colourful hammock, some fluffy cushions and some greens too. You are now ready to spend your evenings in a dreamy balcony.

Summer Decor Ideas
Image Source: Click Here
That's how you can achieve perfect summery look for your home. So are you going to try any of these tips.
Happy Decorating!!

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Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Online Store Review: The Elephant Company

As I said earlier I just love everything Indian. So today introducing you to a store that is full of Indianness. Here's a little what they have to say about their company:

Everyday Life Made Interesting. At The Elephant Company (TEC), we are committed to making Everyday Life Interesting. Our global aesthetic translates into unique statement pieces that infuse colour and contemporary chic into your world. We offer a wide range of lifestyle products from home décor and textiles to accent furniture, accessories for dining and entertaining, tech & fashion accessories and much more, at highly competitive price points. Our designs, cleverly inspired by a perfect blend of Indian heritage and international élan, come alive through our products, which are ideal additions to your home, office, or for gifting.

Products: They offer some exquisite range of products and they have all home decor products and accessories under one roof. Take a look of their different products that yell India.


At The Elephant Company, elephants feature widely in their designs. Their Elephant Butti collection is no different – it focuses on the elephant, which signifies strength, power and longevity, and the butti, one of the most important ornamental floral motifs of Mughal Indian art. Together, the designs form the basis for a collection that celebrates the rich heritage of India, while still remaining contemporary through the use of fresh, modern colours.



Colourful, chaotic and always interesting – this is Mumbai as we know it best. Life is lived in the fast lane, the traffic is slow, and dreams are larger than life. So are the icons that make Mumbai a must-see on the tourist map. The Mumbai Meri Jaan collection is an homage to the great city of dreams that is challenging, frenetic, but always welcoming. Add a little slice of Mumbai to your daily life with this range. 

And here is what I got from them. A set of two very beautiful bowls in vibrant colors. Totally Indian!!

The Elephant Company

Colour and pattern matches with my planter and I truly loved that.

The Elephant Company

Aren't they just beautiful!!

The Elephant Company

Hubby's birthday is just around the corner and this Tee definitely he will going to love.

The Elephant Company

The Elephant Company

 I loved the color palette and camels too :)

Just check out their website for entire collection. 
And that's not all they are running Mother's Day contest on their Faceboook page. Click here to know more about it. 

Choose your product from their store and let me know what did you get for yourself.
Happy Shopping Folks!!!

Monday, 5 May 2014

My MacKenzie Childs Inspired Guest Bedroom!

I said that our house is finally considered complete.
Warning...loads of pictures below!!!!!!!

No more major tear up jobs that require my young-and-cute-handy-dandy-handyman being here, but I did enjoy him here and the process every time. However, it will never be complete as far as changing decor and decorating! You know how that goes. I thought I would spend more time just enjoying the fact

Saturday, 3 May 2014

Creative Fan Of 3D: Drishya Rameshan

My day is made when I get mails from my readers who encourage me that they just love going through my blog and love whatever I share here. I swell with pride when they find my blog inspiring. 

One such mail I got from my reader who wanted to share her creative work with us. I saw her work and found it truly inspiring and very creative. Let me introduce you to Drishya Rameshan. She is pursuing MCA and hails from Kerala. Drishya has taken creativity to next level. She makes amazing flower arrangement with dried flowers and leaves, She even makes flowers out of dried leaves. Interesting isn't it. 
Below are some images of her work. Have a look as she explains how she did it.

Floral Arrangement
Dried Flower Arrangement
This is the arrangement that I have done with dry arecanut leaves. Just soak the leaves in water for some time , cut into desired shape here I gave the shape of lily, tie them on copper wire and finally color them ,I used italic fabric paint to color the flowers. Arrange all the leaves and flower in some attractive vase or pot and the arrangement will look mesmerizing. 

Floral Arrangements
Dried Flower Arrangement
These flowers are made with dry arecanut leaves. All that you need to make this arrangement is some dried arecanut leaves, dried flowers and twigs that you can find easily around you, just give them a coat of beautiful colour and they will look lively.

Floral Arrangement
Dried Flower Arrangement

Here is a small arrangement I made with dry flowers.These roses are made with dry plantain leaves. Just soak the dried plantain leaves in water for some time and cut the leaves into small square shapes and tie them on a copper wire one after the another in a same we make simple roses with paper. Finally after making all  the roses paint them in beautiful colors. Leaves you see in the arrangement are dried palm leaves I cut them  into nice shape and panted with silver color. Finally your arrangement is ready.....low cost arrangement...all you need is dry plantain leaves.

That was very creative Drishya. Thanks for joining us and sharing your creative and inspiring work with us. I wish you a great success ahead. 

If you also have a story to tell or want to inspire us just write to me at and I would be happy to feature you here on my blog!!