Sunday, 31 January 2010

Please pass the potatoes ....

May I just say you guys are the best!  You really know how to make a new gal feel welcome here in blogland.  I've loved reading all of your thoughtful comments, of which I do not deserve!  Thank you!  And, I have to give a special "shout out" to Cindy at Cottage Instincts (for highlighting my humble guest "loo" redo), Beth at The Stories of A to Z (for sharing my fireplace/mantle tranformation) and Kim at My Domestic Bliss (for mentioning, and relating to, my admission of my ADD (Attention Decorating Disorder)! 

If you feel like staying for a bit, I'd love to show you our breakfast area, highlighting a few changes we made to it.  As always, feel free to enlarge the pics by clicking on them.

BEFORE: Imagine a big ol' red wall (RL Stadium Red) ... try (AND try) as we did, nothing seemed to work.  ANYthing we put there seemed to get swallowed by the tall wall with vaulted ceiling.  And, as the kitchen cabinets share the same wall (I'll take you there soon), symmetry and balance went by the wayside, which drove me ker-azy!  Sorry this isn't a better pic:

AFTER:  Welcome dry bar (magically built by our friend, Paul)!  We're super pleased with how it turned out ... love how it fills the space.  We wanted it to have a few different features than the kitchen cabs, so we chose rope-accented molding, legs and feet ... a metallic backsplash ... black countertop and glass accent doors.  I love that the center cab is shorter and bumps out (Paul's idea).

We really enjoy the convenience of the wine cooler ... Chardonnay? Shiraz? Champagne? Sparkling Cider? What can I get ya'?

I did a not-so-great job of adding the metallic backsplash (from Lowe's), hoping for a bit of pizazz.  And, when the budget allows, we plan on changing out the counter to Golden Beach granite, which would then match our kitchen countertops:

I cannot tell you how much I've loved having the extra storage, too !!

Aside from the dry bar, we traded the blinds and panels for roman shades (done in a whimsical polk dot fabric) to add a bit of fun coordination to the cornice (both treatments were done by my great friend and neighbor, Christy). 

I recently grabbed this accent table at Kirklands, which I'm still "futzing" with:

And, lastly, I'm lovin' the oversized lazy susan I recently scored at Tuesday Morning ... really like how it resembles the top of a wine barrel and is the perfect fit for our kitchen table. I'm testing out my Southern Living tray on there (which I filled with faux grapes, wine corks and wine glasses, one of which is filled with a small votive *melted* candle).

Well, that's all for now ... it's almost time for football and a hot bowl of white chicken chili, topped with shredded cheddar cheese, sour cream and Scoops ... yummy !! 

Stay warm and be safe if you are one of the many surrounded by snow and icy roads !!

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Saturday, 30 January 2010

Art from Chitra Santhe...

Tomorrow, the 31st of January, 2010 is Chitra Santhe~ Art for all.

The one-day art event organized by Karnataka Chitrakala Parishath every year on Kumara Krupa Road.
This event showcases artists, painters & sculptors from all over India and where people can pick up art at a very affordable price.

Today, I want to share with all of you the unique pieces of art bought from very talented artists during the last few years that we have been visiting Chitra Santhe.
Watercolours by M.G. Hegde from Bijapur.
Mixed Media folk art from a young artist from Shimoga.
Madhubani paintings by a folk artist. Ardha-narishwar & Goddess Kali (still waiting to be framed;-)
The two acrylic on canvas by Vishwas. M. picked up at last year's Chitra Santhe.
This is a lovely sketch made on old magazine sheets by Mr. M.U Raja

For more details on the event, do visit

If you are in Bangalore tomorrow, do drop by this very colourful event:-)

(images by Arch)

Thursday, 28 January 2010

Sunday, 24 January 2010

Skip to my loo ...

the guest loo, that is.  Between 1) the creative bathroom re-dos I've been drooling over here in Bloggerville; 2) Rhoda (at Southern Hospitality) chatting about the return of wallpaper (click here to read her great post); and 3) my current love affair with brown, I thought I'd share our guest bath.  I've always been a little scared of wallpaper ... as one who likes to change things around a bazillion times, its simply too much of a commitment for me. LOL. HowEVER, when I spotted this lovely brown paper, dressed with large, gold decorative circles and apple green accents, I just HAD to have it.  I was ready to walk down the aisle and say "I do" to it.  So, I did.

I don't have a before picture of this little room (just imagine *builder-white* paint, but here it is, all dressed up.  Yippee.  I love the mix of the brown, gold and green.  (Feel free to click on any pic to enlarge.)

We added the glass shelving unit and went with accessories in creams and golds ... thought they might bounce nicely off of the wallpaper.  And, while I am in NO way "crafty-creative," it was super easy to make the "B" initial by enlarging a font (Monotype Corsiva) up to, I believe, 240 pt, and then framing it.

I chose a gold, metallic shower curtain to "bling" the room up a bit and added the apple green textured fabric above to give the room more height (pulled out the ol' glue gun to adhere the tassle fringe). 

Towels courtesy of SteinMart ...

We also added crown molding and painted the ceiling Ralph Lauren Metallics/Golden Candlesticks. (I kid you not ... the ceiling in every room of our house is going to end up being painted this color!!)

Annnnd, just pretend that I've already added molding (painted Golden Candlesticks) around the mirror to dress it up and tie in with the ceiling paint.  Alas, I'm also going to be adding a bronzey-gold faucet ... I'm *this* close to knocking that out myself calling a plumber to do the switcharoo for me.

Well, if you're still with me, I sincerely thank you for stopping by my little guest bath ... can't wait to post pics when I complete the finishing touches (and work on my photography skills).  As always, I'm open to any ideas on how to improve !!  And, I'm also working on redoing our master bath (currently repainting and re-accessorizing) ... imagine that !!  Hello, my name is Becca, and I have a problem !!

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Thursday, 21 January 2010

Havelis of Shekhawati, Rajasthan.

The Sonthaliya Gate, Mandawa.

When we decided on our winter vacation destination as Rajasthan, we immediately knew it had to be in the lesser explored regions of Shekhawati. Shekhawati region is known for their heritage Havelis.

Haveli- Is a huge private mansion in India or Pakistan.

The Rajasthani havelis were constructed by the wealthy Marwari community in the Shekhawati region of Rajasthan in the 19th century. A haveli typically has two courtyards one for the men and the inner one for the women, the walls were adorned with beautiful colourful frescoes painted by commissioned artists.

The themes were usually images of Gods, Goddesses & animals.

Mandawa, Ramgarh, Fatehpur are dusty little towns in the Shekhawati area that have many old havelis, which in their glorious days would have been a treat to the eyes, but even today have not lost their timeless beauty.

The huge old havelis in Mandawa.

A handful of these havelis are being restored and given a new lease of life by private organizations, historians & architects. Some of them have been converted into heritage hotels.

Nadine Le Prince is a french artist whose love for Indian cultural heritage has inspired her to restore a haveli built in 1802 by a rich tradesman of the silk road.

Beautifully restored courtyard at Nadine Le Prince Haveli Cultural Centre, Fatehpur.

Ramgarh Fresco, a restored haveli, earlier known as the Khemka Haveli is 100-years old and has been renovated by the Khandelwal family who wanted to showcase the beauty of the frescos and the architecture to the visitors.
Amazing hand-painted frescos at Hotel Ramgarh Fresco
We had a lovely thali lunch here:-)
The traditional haveli courtyard.

In my next post, will showcase another restored haveli~ A lovely place where we stayed, soaked in the winter sun and listened to the folk music of the desert...:-)

( Images by Arch)

Sunday, 17 January 2010

Dining Room ... take 10 !!

Okay, so if the good ol' folks at Merriam Webster (or whoever sits on the word creation committee) ever decided to add "ADD" (Attention Decorating Disorder) to the dictionary, there would be my pitiful picture, staring you in the face, with a glazed over look in my eye from changing things around in my home over.and over.and over.again!  I seriously have to laugh at myself sometimes when that uncontrollable urge kicks in to paint SOMEthing ... shift SOMEthing ... or change SOMEthing in a room that I've just recently redone.  Someone, please explain!

Case in point ... our dining room.  When we moved here just a few short years ago, the dining room was LA Gold 3.  Well, of COURSE I had to add a red accent wall (Ralph Lauren Stadium Red), along with tropical accents.  Great ... loved it ... but did I?!

... obviously, not.  Because, I then painted the red wall back to LA Gold 3 and traded the palm prints for floral/traditional ones. (Oh, and changed out the china in the cabinet.)  Then, oops, decided all of the walls needed to be a richer, deeper gold (don't even remember the name of the paint).  That didn't last more than two months.  Are you kidding me? 

This brings me to its current look ... since we painted our sitting room the Ralph Lauren Metallics Lush Brown, I decided that the dining room should be the same color since the rooms are across from each other.  I also bought another rug from Lowes JUST like the one in the sitting room annnnnd painted the ceiling the same RL Metallics Golden Candlesticks that is also in the sitting room. (Yes, I'm also admitting my obsession with symmetry, too ... folks, I'se got *issuezzz*!)  I also rearranged the seating to simplify a bit and open the space up: (feel free to click on pics to enlarge them)

I bought some new greenery from Kirklands and added some red/green/gold flowers to "poof" it up.

Annnnnd, found some pretty floral plates at my beloved HomeGoods, too!

Oh, and we added a new chandie, too.  Again, I know you're starting to see a trend here with me, aren't ya?

So, I'm truly enjoying our metallic lush chocolate brown dining room for now.  Anyone care to share when they think my love affair with it will end? LOL

Thanks for stopping by !!

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