Sunday, 30 June 2013

Garden Whimsy & Fairy Garden

Sit back and enjoy a bit of my 2013 garden whimsy!

Hen in the work boots is about to bloom!


Birdcage full of succulents

Vintage bicycle basket filled with greenery and an old dish

My little Fairy garden

See the chair, tiny birdbath and the watering can?

Unused Roller Skates get planted

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Thursday, 27 June 2013

Fun in the Sun Linky Party and Kindle Fire Giveaway

Greetings, friends!  

I hope you've all been enjoying our "Fun in the Sun" party over the last two weeks where 14 bloggers have been sharing fun Summer projects, decor and recipes ...
 and found inspiration along the way!  

If you didn't have a chance to visit everyone, all you have to do is click on the following links:

My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia - How to make pom pom lanterns
Sand & Sisal - Simple Summer centerpiece
Fox Hollow Cottage - Aloha Summer Wreath 
Adventures in Decorating - Summer Porch
French Country Cottage - Summer table setting 
 Cupcakes and Crinoline - Beach inspired desserts 
Domestically Speaking - Ultimate All American Sundae
Yellow Bliss Road - Sweet & simple Summer mantel
 DIY Show Off - Summer carnival mantel

Now, it's your turn to showoff your amazing Summer projects, recipes or decor!  We look forward to pinning and sharing your projects!  

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Wednesday, 26 June 2013

These Pebbles Can Steal Your Heart!!

I am sure many of you already have seen painted pebbles/rocks.....but wait you haven't seen these beauties!! These cute painted pebbles can steal your heart or can tempt you to make some for your own....yes I mean it. Check out these amazing creations by creative people.

Links has been provided below each image so please go through the links and explore the world of creativity and admire artists and their artwork :)

Image Source: Click Here
Image Source: Click Here

Image Source: Click Here
Image Source: Click Here
Image Source: Click Here
Image Source: Click Here
Color galore.............

Image Source: Click Here

Image Source: Click Here

These are super cute...............

Image Source: Click Here

Image Source: Click Here

Image Source: Click Here
Image Source: Click Here
Eye popping...........

Image Source: Click Here
Image Source: Click Here
Image Source: Click Here
Image Source: Click Here

Now tell me aren't you inspired enough to try your hands on it. If you already have painted some then you have to share it :)

Mud Room Update

Do you remember this?

 After building the new Hobby Garage, we were able to free up the old tool room and convert it to our new mud room.

 And I had picked up this bench and redid it for this room...

I have been on the lookout for more decor fitting this space. Decor Steals was one with their three vintage looking key locks and a local artist was another with a picture of a bicycle

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Online Store: Pepperfry India’s No.1 Online Furniture, Home and Living destination launches a delightful collection of children's decor . This online shopping experience definitely promises well designed and colorful products that will brighten and personalize your child's room. 

Placing emphasis on comfort and durability, this collection comprises of products of superior quality that can be easily customized to individual needs. Mr. Kashyap Vadapalli, Chief Marketing Officer,, stated that " We are looking at fulfilling the growing needs of the room decor for children and with this collection, we aim to create an inspiring and beautiful atmosphere for children, which in turn is their playground within home for learning and development.'

A one-stop for all the requirements for children's room, this range has a wide array of cradles, chairs, bunk beds, kids rocking chairs, desks, wardrobes, chests, etc. and furnishings like bed spreads, cushions and pillows, towels, photo frames, wall décor and more. This economic range of furniture is resplendent with styles that are extendable, lightweight, devoid of small parts or sharp edges and durable for everyday tumble. Each product is designed aesthetically keeping in mind children's love for colors, shapes and themes. helps in having the right things at home, where a child starts learning and discovering new things about the world. The perfect decor for your child's room is now just a click away.

About Pepperfry
Pepperfry is India’s leading Furniture, Home and Living destination, offering customers a wide selection of amazingly priced products with a consistently great shopping experience. The Pepperfry managed marketplace is the ideal platform for entrepreneurs who wish to sell their merchandise to millions of discerning customers and Pepperfry today works with close to a thousand merchant partners to showcase their design skills, craftsmanship and service orientation to customers across India and the world. Our mantra is to be the one stop shop for customers seeking to spice up their homes.

From a wide selection of Furniture, Décor and Furnishings, brings 35,000 plus designs at attractive prices.  Elegant coffee tables, cabinets, stools, poufs  planters, curios, candles, bed sheets, cushions, curtains, rugs and mats, carpets, bed covers and beanbags to help you redesign and welcome the sunshine. Accessorizing the room with casual curios, wall accents and ornamental trinkets to elevate the overall experience in room decor. Do away with heavy drapery and usher the summer with breezy curtains and floral bed spreads from the Pepperfry range. You can also change the look of your house with interesting painting, a throw pillow, photo frames and accentuated lamps and lighting.  It's easier to incorporate these small elements, to work wonders around various themes like rustic, coastal or DIY.


The green hues of nature or the turquoise gleam of the sea, whatever appeals to your senses, does it for your home.

[All images are provided by Pepperfry and are subject to copyright]

Got Small Space....No Worries...Decorate Smartly

Urban living quite often comes with space constraint. You know the value of every square footage that you have got when you live in a small space apartment. But its not always true that bigger is better. Decorate small space in a way that it gives you illusion of grandeur. Here are some tips:
The most important thing while doing up small space is that keep it simple. Next is you should store and organize your stuff smartly.

Image Source: Click Here
Its always a better idea to avoid over accessorizing your space while decorating. Don't spend on things that you love rather spend on those you need.

Image Source: Click Here
Convertible furniture is the best way to use available space smartly. You can switch from living room to bedroom and vice versa.
Space under the stairs is always an underutilized area. Use it smartly to store some household stuff or gardening tools or anything that you can.

Image Source: Click Here
If you are running out of space horizontally go vertically. Build shelves all the way up the wall in the living room or even in kitchen.

Image Source: Click Here
Alcove or any space like that can be very useful for storing stuff or you can even transform it into your hideaway work space/ office.
Use box bed to store extra bedding and linen. It can provide lot of free space in linen closet for other things.
In an open floor plan furniture in living room can play an important role in storage solution. Use block furniture so that you can keep various stuff there. Storage bench can serve as storage unit and seating as well.

Image Source: Click Here
In the kitchen items that you use everyday should be handy. So hang pots and pans above the counter  instead of storing them in a cabinet, it will free lot of cabinet space for other items.
All these tips can make a small space look bigger and better. Below are some images of small spaces just to inspire you :)

Image Source: Click Here

Image Source: Click Here
Image Source: Click Here
Image Source: Click Here
Image Source: Click Here
Image Source: Click Here
I know you are gearing up to give your small space a bigger and better look isn't it.....go ahead!!

Monday, 24 June 2013

Online Store: Ananasa

Introducing Ananasa: a newly established e-commerce site that caters to handmade items mainly from the 

Middle Eastern, North African region. They have recently ventured into India and the UK handmade 

markets for artists to join their establishment.

Founded in 2011, is an online marketplace that enables artisans, artists and designers in the 

Middle East to sell their creations worldwide with no barriers. started when two sisters wanted to expose the hidden beauty of the Middle East to the world.

Ananasa takes away the headaches of logistics, customer service & marketing so artisans can focus on 

creating their handmade items and individuals worldwide can buy unique items from the Middle East easily.

And that is why it's called Ananasa (اناناسة):

Ana: means "I" in Arabic

Nas: means "the people" in Arabic

A: adding an a at the end allows the word to become feminine, just like the co-founders.

" for the people, by the people"

Leaving you with the images of drool worthy stuff they have. Don't forget to check out rest of the stuff.

Happy shopping folks!!
Have a very happy week ahead!!

[All images are from and are subject to copyright]