Friday, 28 March 2014

Tilt Top Tray!

 I found this vintage tray last year at a garage sale. It was dirty, pink and ugly, so I bought it! Why? Because it's magical!

 I painted it AS cream chalk paint, which is a soft butter yellow, and added this French postage graphic from The Graphic Fairy! What is magical about this tray is, it not only has fold-down legs...

 ...But is also has a tilt top!

 It has three levels of

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Who Are They?

After seeing this photo

of my stairwell,

ever wonder,

"Who Are They?"

to all the pictures on the walls?

I am going to break it down for you! Some are family and some are not...Let's start with this numbered picture so you can follow along,

1) This antique oval picture is my Maternal Grandmother, Dorothy Rose Nigg Heimerman at age 5 with her brother Dennis, age 1

Friday, 21 March 2014

Part 3~More Spring Decor!

 In the study

 Foyer fireplace kept simple

 Upstairs hall

 Whimsy abound

 Vintage frame made lovely with canvas rose print

 Happy Spring

Finally!!! I worked in the yard for 4 hours yesterday and I was in heaven. Sunshine, warmth and seeing the green-up starting to happen makes me so happy. It renews my mind and body. Yes, oh my aching body!

If you missed my other

Thursday, 20 March 2014

Styling our Spring Mantel

Happy first day of SPRING!

Thank you ALL so very much for your thoughtful comments about our recent photo shoot with Gridley + Graves!  

Because Anne and Gary wanted a more "neutral" decor for the shoot, I wasn't able to splash bunnies and eggs around until after they left.  And, since I get quite a few emails asking about the method to my madness when it comes to decorating our mantel and other vignettes, I thought I'd drag you guys along for the ride as I dress our fireplace for Spring.

Sooo, here's where I start ... with one big ol' boring, blank slate:

Admittedly, when I'm styling, I like to start in the middle first.  That's when I dug out this iron piece from under my son's bed!  After blowing off the dust, I decided to paint the dark wood frame AS Duck Egg Blue and paint the interior iron pieces AS Pure White to fit in better with the lighter look I'm going for!  I then added our poor, "beat up" egg wreath (from HomeGoods) for a fun and seasonal centerpiece:

Next, I like to balance my focal point with "neighbors" (usually, twins)!  Ha.  Yes, those who know me best understand how sickeningly symmetrical I am.  My feng shui just feels better this way ...

Now, it's time to add a centerpiece to sit on the mantel ... that's when this cute, little bunny family hopped on over.  And, since my OCD tendencies for odd numbers is always present, I decided to prop Father Bunny on a yellow stand to tie in with the pretty yellow flowers:

Next, it's time to fill in a bit of the "dead space" on either side of the bunnies ... that's where my silver candlesticks (from IKEA and HomeGoods) come into play ... twins, again (surprise, surprise)!  

Hmmmm ... our bunnies need a few eggs scattered around!

Almost done!  We're just missing one, last, whimsical element.  

THERE we go ... that's a little better (thanks to our cute "SPRING" banner from Target, which is making a return appearance for the 3rd year).

If our mantel could sing right now, I think it just might be belting out my favorite song "HAPPY," by Pharrell!

And, there ya' have it ... from sad to SPRING!

Our little ol' fireplace is a bit happier now that it's dressed for the season, although, admittedly, I need to add a pop of yellow on the hearth to make it "just right!"  Come back soon!

Thanks so much for stopping by ... 


Sunday, 16 March 2014

Spring Door Decor

Doesn't this just 

s c r e a m


I am so pleased with how this lovely door decor came out when I have very little $$ in it! It started with visiting the thrift store and finding this NEW canvas pouch including three small garden tools for $1.

The 12oz. V8 can is to show you the size. I also picked up the nest, bird and yellow Daffodils for only a dollar more at

Saturday, 15 March 2014

A Decorating Dream Come True ...

As a crazy girl, with a true passion for decorating, admittedly, my dream has always been to have our home featured in a national publication.

So, imagine my shock when, last Fall, the very kind and amazingly talented Anne Gridley, from Gridley + Graves Photographers, contacted me and asked if she and her husband, Gary, could come to our home to take pictures for ... wait for it ... a national publication!

I was thrilled ... to say the least!  After the holidays and nasty Winter weather, this past Thursday, they trekked down to SC from PA and knocked on our door.

They brought their fancy equipment ...

lots of "fresh" props ...

and, took lots and LOTS of pictures!

It was awesome to watch them style the shots and analyze, right then and there on their computer, what needed to be adjusted for the next frame!

They also brought lots of great stories, which I loved hearing!  They couldn't have been nicer or more professional.

And, while I'm not sure when or which publication our home will be a featured, I'm honored and excited just to have had the experience of having Anne and Gary in our home! 

So, keep up your blogging because, you never know, they may be knocking on your door next!

As always, thanks for stopping by,
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Wednesday, 12 March 2014

What I did on my vacation...

Remember in elementary school upon starting a new year, your teacher may have asked the class to write about this..."What I did on my summer vacation"? Well I am here to tell you all about what I learned on our vacation to San Diego, California!

We stayed at Loews Resort on Coronado Bay. It's an island off the coast of San Diego...And it's beautiful and luxurious. This is the view upon

Part 2~Spring Decor In The Kitchen/Dining Rooms!

Dining Room Decor

Mercury Glass Candle holders from Nell Hill's in Kansas City

I made these large greenery toppers complete with nests

Notice in the nest is a tea strainer to simulate an egg for whimsy

 Burlap Nest Art that I made with letter cookie cutters and a ladle 

 Cookie Cutter letters painted in black and white check

Ladle holds eggs in a bookpage paper

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Grow Indoor Plants Like A Pro!!

So when I asked you lovely people out there, that what else do you want to see on this blog many of you wanted more DIY and more about indoor plants. So here I am with someone who is 
pro gardener and has a big green thumb and sharing her 
gardening tips with us: Reshma Sharma.
No one better than Reshma can do a post on gardening. So I am leaving you with this well-written post by Reshma and images of her beautiful plants and interiors. She has a beautiful blog 'Dreams Are Made Of These' check out her blog and I am sure you will be addicted to going through it over and over again. 

Every room needs a center of attraction. It could be a beautiful floor rug, a piece of furniture or some other feature. But very often it lacks just that something to set it off. Plants are the perfect answer for providing  a focal point. Choose the right one and the room comes alive.

Plants can be used in a variety of ways to add atmosphere to your home and give your decoration character. They can be used to highlight a certain corner or even to camouflage an ugly feature in the room.
Houseplants are expensive items and the choice is extensive so choose carefully. It is important to keep them well and alive. Keep in mind the climate of your region and the amount of sunlight your room gets. Take care of your plants and keep the soil healthy and pest free. You may come across certain problems that indoor plants are prone to -

Jade Plant

1) Pests like white flies, mealy bugs and green flies make an appearance every now and then. You can control them with sprays available in the market/ plant nurseries. Always read the instructions before spraying and make sure you carry the plants outdoors while doing so. Let it remain outside for at least 24 hours before bringing it back inside especially if you have kids/ pets.

2) Some diseases and disorders may trouble your plants too like powdery mildew, wilting and yellowing of leaves that eventually fall off. If you see a white powdery formation on the stems, just clip the stem off and burn it so that it doesn't spread on to other plants. Plants  may wilt as a result of too much or too little water or being attacked at the roots by pests. If the leaves drop rapidly, the plant has probably received a shock due to rapid change of temperature. If the leaves turn yellow slowly then the cause might be too much water. So watering should be right, don't over-water, the soil should be kept just moist.

3) Make sure you keep the plant in a nicely ventilated, sunny spot like a window sill and keep turning the pot frequently. If not done so, the plant will turn towards the sunlight and bend in a one direction and get distorted. Keep turning the pot and it will grow upright. Rooms with south facing windows are very bright and hot so keep the plants at least 3 feet away from them. Herbs can be grown in pots and kept on the kitchen window sill where it gets ample sunlight and yes, keep turning the pot.

4) Hanging baskets are a great way of growing indoor plants. It is a great solution when you don't have too much space on the ground . The baskets can be hung on parapets and ceilings in a sunny balcony. Even people residing in flats can beautify their balconies with the hanging ones. It makes a world of difference and looks pretty too. Trailing plants like Ivy, Spider plant and even seasonal plants like Petunias, Geraniums, Impatiens can be grown to add color to your space. 

Some indoor plants that are quite successfully grown and maintained in India are:

1) Spider plants - They have long , thin leaves and looks best in a  basket. the long wiry stems grow into white starry flowers and plantlets giving it a spidery appearance. The plantlets can be carefully snipped and pegged down in separate pots and propagated in a similar manner. I have had a lot of success with this particular plant. I had bought two plants few years ago and now I have at least twenty of them.
They are fuss free and don't need much attention. Just place the pots in a well ventilated sunny room and water when required so that the soil looks moist.

Spider Plant

2)Monstera - A big plant that can add a good amount of drama in any room . It has big leaves and can be grown as a creeper too in a corner near the stairs or in a living room that is well ventilated and well lit. Water well just when it requires. Do not over water.


3) Philodendron- This needs the same treatment as Monstera  since both the plants are similar in appearance and structure.


4) Syngoniums - Also called goose foot plants. These are plants with leaves like a goose's feet and in time, they develop into a climber and can be trained up a trellis or potted in a hanging basket. Water liberally in summers and spring and sparingly in winters. They make great indoor plants.


5) Ferns like asparagus fern and maidenhair fern can be kept indoors even in a hot and humid temperature. They grow well even in bathrooms since they enjoy humid atmosphere. Water when the soil starts to look dry and keep them near a sunny window.

Asparagus Fern

6)Peace lilies- Keep it in a shady spot which doesn't get direct sun. This can also do well in a  humid atmosphere.

Peace Lily
Image Source: Click Here
7)Areca palm- Certain palm trees do well indoors too. Areca palm is the most common and the most hardy one I've seen. Totally fuss free and grows well. It can grow to a good height so keep it in a big pot.  Water well but make sure the water does not collect in the pot or around it. The light should be good  and it needs good ventilation too. Avoid contact from direct sunlight. This plant can add a tropical look to any setting and also adds as an air purifier. Keep pruning the tree and remove any stems that have brown leaves.

Areca Palm
Image: Mine
I know I know all of you are now lost and not able to take your eyes off Reshma's beautiful space. Head over to her blog and see more mesmerizing images. Leave a comment here and let me know your views. 
Grow your indoor garden it's easy and fun.
Happy gardening folks!!

P.S: All images except last two are provided by Reshma and subject to copyright. Please don't copy or reuse without her permission. Thank you!!

Simply Spring Gathering ...

That's right, friends ... even though it still feels like Winter lots of places,  according to our mantel, the warmer temps have arrived ... the bunnies are hopping ... the *faux* florals are blooming ... annnnnd, the fake eggs are out in full force!  

And, because I'm joining some of my blogging buddies and sharing Spring inspiration, I just know that our combined forces will chase Winter away once and for all!

Yes, certainly our Spring touches will grab Mother Nature's attention and encourage her to move the season along!

I mean, after all ... pretty, faux plants from IKEA should help scare the cold temps away, right?!

And, this sweet "bunny in a basket" ornament and faux flowers from Michael's should make old man winter go into hiding! 

And, naturally, these seasonal pastel malted milk balls will entice Spring to come closer, right?!

Look ... even our little bunnies have had enough by showing that they "shalt" not "hear, see or speak" of winter ANY more!

If that still doesn't send the cold away, hopefully, our egg wreath (from Home Goods) will help to do the trick!

If not, our banner (from Target) announcing SPRING will certainly let Mother Nature know that enough is enough!

I say that you join forces with us by pulling out your eggs, bunnies, florals and anything SPRING to help make winter disappear(!) ... whaddaya think?  No way will it want to stick around if we all ban together.  I'll be eagerly waiting to see all that you do!

Until then, I'll just stare at our mantel a bit longer and see what happens!  LOL

Be sure and take a peek at the others (links below picture):

As always, thanks so much for stopping by!

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Friday, 7 March 2014

Contest Alert!!

Hello dear readers!!!
I have few news to share....
I am running a Facebook Holi Contest. If you are interested in participating then click here. There is nothing much to do to participate. Just click a colorful picture of your creation, your artwork or it can be a beautiful nook in your home where you have used lot of colors and post that pic here. To win the contest try to get maximum likes on your picture.
Below are the images of my hand painted and hand crafted products that you can win. (Any one of these).

Secondly I would like to share that I have created Google+ page of this blog. See it here, follow it and stay tuned as you can win something BIG. When I say big it really is very BIG. 
Want to know what I am talking about......well you can win this:

  • A WEEK of designer wear with outfits from 3 big designers
  • A full makeover by the Absolut Studio
  • Complete access to the venue
  • Celeb status on LFW social handles
  • Cameras and VIP passes to shows and lounges

What you have to do:

Just click a selfie (A photo that you have clicked of yourself) and share it on G+ with hash tag #styleselfie and #Lakmefashionweek.

Are you ready.. then just go!!

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Part 1~Spring Decor In the Living Room!

Living Room Fireplace

With The Morning Sun Shinning In

Fun With The Urn and Orb

Nests Abound

Coffee Table Decor

Up Close

New Spring banner

Come back for more Spring Decor in the next post!

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Monday, 3 March 2014

Our Refreshed Dining Room

Happy March !!

It's sunny and beautiful 70 degrees today here in South Carolina ... could Spring truly be on the horizon?

I'm continuing to add touches of the new season around our home, with our dining room being the latest "stop."

Because I love adding blue to my color palette in our other main rooms, I thought it'd be fun to add it to our dining room, as well, to mix with the yellow that I tend to keep bringing back in here:

Candlesticks that were once bronze, turned grey are now enjoying a layer of AS Duck Egg on the buffet!  I then took away bulky matching lamps and opted for a taller, skinnier lamp on one side ...

and, balanced it on the other side with a beautiful demi john filled with faux branches:

I spread the love of blue over to our shelves, as well ... these vibrant plates from TJ Maxx work easily with just about any other colors!

The tiny pops of "gold-ish" yellow in the plates work well with our "frenchy" yellow plates from Home Goods:

And, you know I'm a fan of "faux" because of my lack of a green thumb ... these "pretties" from Michael's help add a lovely touch of Spring to our table.

These jeweled napkin rings remind me of the big ol' jewelry I love to wear ... when I spotted them at Pier One, I knew that they'd be a fun addition to our table, as well!

Thanks so much for stopping by our refreshed dining room ...

Come back soon, as I'm sure bunnies and birds will be popping in, too!

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