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Examples of Minimalist House Type 45 Latest

Various latest home designs that fit, and fit you can see here.
Type Minimalist is one of the houses is much preferred and popular society. The development of the design of any variety.
Well, my blog is the design house plans I try to give an overview-type housing 45 with Simple Pictures Home Design.The general picture Minimalist Type 45

Consists of 2 bedroom room which is divided into one main room and one child's room
Features 1 bathroom
Having one living room and one kitchen space
have one family room
Parking lot minimalist
Have a front or back yard garden
Most design choice around "Home Type 45" admin already collected for you who are looking for inspiration and good ideas for setting the interior or exterior of the house's dream.
You can see most of such design it and make it an idea to make the home more ideal and comfortable for you. Tags: house, pictures of houses, home minimalist type 45, type 45 types minimalist house, minimalist home design type 45, type 45 houses, design houses minimalist, elegant minimalist modern house one floor, house type 45, type 45's dream home
For example design which admin This grant is a set of design - best design. From the design - this design you can make recommendations for you to make the house had envisioned.
Need admin say that the website desaindenahrumah.com filled Association diverse type 2015 Modern Minimalist Design Simple Elegant 1st Floor, 2nd Floor Type 21 36 45 54 60 70 80 90 100 120 and others.
Home Exterior Interior Design Desire Newest 2015. Included also in this matter is Picture House Design Minimalist Modern Type 45 sedetailnya 2015 can be seen below:

Tiny House Design Unique and Beautiful

Architecture and Interior: Suyama Peterson Deguchi has designed the cabin Cities in Medina, Washington. Hosting / Urban Cabin with a simple shelter roofs, terraces tucked under the roof of the warehouse to strengthen connections to the beautiful scenery outside.

The exterior siding on the east wall of the long continued through the interior space, and with a minimal window details, blurring the boundaries of space inside.

According to Suyama Peterson Deguchi:
Tiny House Design in Urban Cabin is designed for a retired couple interested in streamlining and simplifying their lives. The couple lived at the site for 26 years, creating and maintaining personal protection but they are urban.
The challenge is to design a response in accordance with the ideals of living with less in an environment that is prone to exaggeration. Conceptually, the design is inspired by the picnic shelter in the woods.
The ideas of primitive picnic shelters give direction to both the shape of the building and the minimum program requirements. All elements of the program were reduced from excesses and distilled into elemental.Tiny House Design
Consisting of a simple shelter roof, supported on the east by a solid wall, which protects residents of the busy public park. Informed by the topography, the house was slightly recessed into the landscape, involves a visual connection to the site.
The rest of the west-facing elevation consisting of windows and doors that embrace the surrounding garden and pool. A deep overhang at the end of a long roof makes the extension of space outside the glass enclosure.
The terrace tucked under the roof of the warehouse to strengthen the connection to the outside of the beautiful scenery. The exterior siding on the east wall of the long continued through the interior space, and with a minimal window details, blurring the boundaries of space inside.


Dream Home Design Comfortable

Here is the Orange House Futuristic in Ankara, Turkey by Yazgan Design Architecture. This modern and comfortable three-story location in Bilkent, Ankara, Turkey.
Design House Idaman in Ankara is 1,050 m² three-storey residence, located on the site which is very steep. This site has a nice combination of urban areas with a view of the forest Middle East Technical University.
The building has a steel structure. The main principles that make up the design process is a program written by an architect with consideration given by the employer.
The program is based on developing a flexible relationship between input various designs, such as, materials, elements of the program, the demands of users, the dimension requirements, the site peculiarities, Ankara climate and habitat, architects and engineers involved with the project.
Writing program design can be referred to as writing "design ties". "Design relationship" refers to the relationship developed between the programs not only design, but also between the pictures and the architect, the architect and the owner and the owner and images.
Dream design House in Ankara design program supported by the diagram, providing a way for users with the integration of the design process.
The building is the product of a flexible process-systematically without losing the original idea. The building design is based on the surface of the developing relationship between the interior-exterior space autonomous room, and the beginning of the circulation diagram connecting these rooms.
All the rooms reflect the specific needs of employers in their design. For example, the dining room dimensioned with reference to the existing Persian carpets belonging to the user. Each room double-layered wall.
They took the body shape by taking advantage of the singularity expressed by steel construction. Poros, niches, doors, rainwater pipes, closets, etc., which is located on the inside surface of the bilayer.
Through this approach, technical and user requirements are integrated with the initial diagram. The steel structure following dimensions 60cmx60cm box in the design, therefore, the other reserved for the systematic diagram.
This house multicolored lighting and paint like: comfortable lighting of floors, stairs, colorful, swimming pool, and the house ceiling. Now it looks House Orange in Ankara with the image below:

Orange House in Ankara project description:
Location: Bilkent, Ankara, Turkey
Project Engineering: Engineering Okutan
Landlord: Thies Knauf
Electrical Project: Ayken Engineering
Employer: Isabel Knauf, Peter Redecke
Lighting Project: Naveen Mehling - Compact Promotion
Project Date: 2005 - 2008
Landscape Project: Yazgan Design Architecture
Date of construction: 2006 - 2010
Landscape consultant: Prof. Dr. Alaaddin Egemen Palmet Landscaping
Total Construction Area: 1,050
Contractors: Construction Project Galip
Project Architecture: Architectural Design Yazgan
Construction Type: Reinforced Concrete, Steel
Structural Project: Prota Engineering
Photography credit: Yunus Özkazanç 2010, Kerem Yazgan 2010

Modern Asian Home in Bangkok Thailand

Asian home design series trendy, Here is a trendy design small house in Yen Akat Road Bangkok Krung Thep Thailand port national capital, is the project name "YAK01 House".
It consists Of 560 sq.m private land and five hundred square meters of internal space can be used, fifty percent of the land is open space for gardening principle can be seen from every angle. This small house design Ayutt and Associates Design.
YAK01 is a new home designed trendy principle lies in Yen Akat Road, Bangkok, Thailand. The house is designed specifically for families trendy little principle.
It consists Of 560 sq.m private land and five hundred square meters of internal space principle can be used.
Although the principle usable land space is limited, the client wants a home with trendy shades sun and rain protection as well as a large green space to enjoy.
After several hours of meetings planning and design, the architects proposed cantilevering nearly half from a house on the ground floor space.
It'll free up more space in the garden while following the rules. This house was designed in an L shape to enhance the principle usable space and green space.
One side wall of the house is designed close to the plot of land adjacent principle to maximize green space.
Bathrooms, space services, storage and stairs bodily structure designed as a buffer to absorb heat and provide more privacy for a private room in the main to the north.
Most of the glass walls are also in the northern part of the house to receive natural sunlight because sunlight is the principle fence north intense in Kingdom of Thailand. In addition, fifty percent of the land is open space for gardening principle can be seen from every angle.
The swimming pool is positioned in parallel with the building to draw cool air into the house. The main concern is to keep the building architects cool during the day and provide cross-ventilation from opposing windows for each room.
The layout not only meet the client's needs, but also provide natural ventilation and outside areas are generous compared with a small plot similar to the surrounding nature.
The ground floor is set up as a traditional home design Kingdom of Thailand with a central courtyard principle serves as the vestibule features and distributors before access to the main living area.
A staircase enclosed in a glass box floats on the underlying principle is the front garden as the main feature for the entrance.
The main living room is located in the middle as the floating pavilion where families can enjoy outdoor garden and swimming Dravidian.
The living space is directly connected to the terrace, garden and swimming Dravidian with double-height folding window principle facilitate fusion spaces. Approach laying Dravidian pool behind the house produces diverse principle and appropriate space for various activities.
The master bedroom upstairs is fully cantilever over the entire length of the front vestibule. It is designed in cubic form to create features architectural elements. Design not only improves the aesthetic element but also provide shading to the residence in principle the same way as traditional homes Kingdom of Thailand.
To enter a trendy feeling for home design, the architects installed customized Perak atomic number 13 Extrusion Line vertically on the wall of the master bedroom and master bathroom.
Strip makes the house look like a silver box floating on a piece of black granite below. atomic number 13 is also designed to strip the buffer insulating air to cool the main bedroom.
Two bedrooms principle lies on the other side extend above the house with the pool on a concrete cantilever Dravidian enclosed by a huge glass wall with atomic number 13 black protection.

Modern style house by Artem Kornilov

Here is a cozy and lovely small apartment interior design by Artem Kornilov. 2 bedroom contemporary apartment is best suited for those who like modern interior style, unencumbered by the monotonous "radical minimalist.
Authors project - the constant participant of our problems - design company from St Petersburg "The first office was in the room" Much of their work look fresh, efficient and unbanal different solutions that can be used even during the repair of economy class. If you live in a small apartment, certainly, interested in ways to make it as comfortable.
But if the rebuilding is not possible (or desirable) - for technical assistance to help the experienced designer will actually increase the visual volume of small apartments.
Soft lights on the cable, do not cut off the ceiling light eyes - another good solution for low ceilings.
Animalistic tone carpeting and mirrors echo the design of furniture and bedding. A wallpaper made from natural fibers and simple simulasi.Bentuk canopy restrained furniture and almost complete lack of decor on the facade of the closet perfectly coincides with the aesthetic of Scandinavian style, and chandelier light makes elegant element of the game. Wall - the accent, the rest of the walls - a different color, are also relatively cool (gray-brown).
But in combination with the cream furniture cabinet, he does not look bleak, but it is comfortable.
Green, despite many positive "therapy" quality, now rarely used for walls, increasingly prefer other colors.
The main green grass is perfect with white, creating a fresh overview. Various shades of variation acquired by the "green" for small accessories (pillows, carpets, rugs).
Cool small outdoor terrace with a hammock charming. This is a perfect room atmosphere while looking around the apartment, there is also a small patio garden which makes the atmosphere a little quiet.
Traditional bath was replaced with a spacious bath beautiful brevity is the bathroom situation underlines the great ornamental tiles -. Elegant and glamorous.Functional cabinet a bit written in the niche opposite the sink.