Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Modern Home Design by Dirk Denison Architects

This modern Marin County Holiday Design by Chicago-based Dirk Denison Architects. Marin county residence layout design of each room to establish a different relationship with their own yard or garden.
Inspiration is very fitting modern minimalist house used by people who live and dwelt in big cities with many people and a land area that is more narrow and expensive. The way out of the high price of land and the increasing difficulty of finding a vast empty place made selection of the type of home fall into such a minimalist home.
Although referred to 'minimalist', but do not think if the house is in fact designed with a modern style and a magnificent up to comfortable to live. So do not be surprised if this type of home photo endeared many middleclass groups and pockets are not thin. Below is a picture of modern minimalist house design for your latest
Design a modern minimalist home in the search is a house that has a minimum of 3 bedrooms or 2 bedrooms. For you who have more money, try to build a house minimalist modern 2nd floor which also will increasingly have a number of rooms as well as the amount of space required.
That's all we can give, we look forward to sharing after it is certainly very useful and help you. Modern minimalist home is indeed always be the idol of some people, it's no wonder that some people are attached photo minimalist house was on the wall for their encouragement in the hope embodied has its own magnificent home and comfortable.

According to Architect: Dirk DenisonModern home design
Designed accessible on one level to provide a barrier-free environment and to exploit the potential of internalized landscape.
This plan is based on an irregular network, which informs all the elements of composition. Each program functions are contained in an individual building to respond to specific needs.
It allows each room to establish a different relationship with their own yard or garden.
Modern home design with plane ceilings cracked and folded along a diagonal pattern, exploring the interaction of light in a unique way.
This spatial volume bound together by attaching perimeter wall, which creates a single form of a village buildings and landscapes.
A regular pattern of openings in the walls of this simple instructions on the geometry of the underlying home and express a variety of functions contained within.


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