Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Dream Home Design Comfortable

Here is the Orange House Futuristic in Ankara, Turkey by Yazgan Design Architecture. This modern and comfortable three-story location in Bilkent, Ankara, Turkey.
Design House Idaman in Ankara is 1,050 m² three-storey residence, located on the site which is very steep. This site has a nice combination of urban areas with a view of the forest Middle East Technical University.
The building has a steel structure. The main principles that make up the design process is a program written by an architect with consideration given by the employer.
The program is based on developing a flexible relationship between input various designs, such as, materials, elements of the program, the demands of users, the dimension requirements, the site peculiarities, Ankara climate and habitat, architects and engineers involved with the project.
Writing program design can be referred to as writing "design ties". "Design relationship" refers to the relationship developed between the programs not only design, but also between the pictures and the architect, the architect and the owner and the owner and images.
Dream design House in Ankara design program supported by the diagram, providing a way for users with the integration of the design process.
The building is the product of a flexible process-systematically without losing the original idea. The building design is based on the surface of the developing relationship between the interior-exterior space autonomous room, and the beginning of the circulation diagram connecting these rooms.
All the rooms reflect the specific needs of employers in their design. For example, the dining room dimensioned with reference to the existing Persian carpets belonging to the user. Each room double-layered wall.
They took the body shape by taking advantage of the singularity expressed by steel construction. Poros, niches, doors, rainwater pipes, closets, etc., which is located on the inside surface of the bilayer.
Through this approach, technical and user requirements are integrated with the initial diagram. The steel structure following dimensions 60cmx60cm box in the design, therefore, the other reserved for the systematic diagram.
This house multicolored lighting and paint like: comfortable lighting of floors, stairs, colorful, swimming pool, and the house ceiling. Now it looks House Orange in Ankara with the image below:

Orange House in Ankara project description:
Location: Bilkent, Ankara, Turkey
Project Engineering: Engineering Okutan
Landlord: Thies Knauf
Electrical Project: Ayken Engineering
Employer: Isabel Knauf, Peter Redecke
Lighting Project: Naveen Mehling - Compact Promotion
Project Date: 2005 - 2008
Landscape Project: Yazgan Design Architecture
Date of construction: 2006 - 2010
Landscape consultant: Prof. Dr. Alaaddin Egemen Palmet Landscaping
Total Construction Area: 1,050
Contractors: Construction Project Galip
Project Architecture: Architectural Design Yazgan
Construction Type: Reinforced Concrete, Steel
Structural Project: Prota Engineering
Photography credit: Yunus Özkazanç 2010, Kerem Yazgan 2010


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