Monday, 29 June 2015

My House & Gardens ~ Part I

I know for my followers that it seems as if I have fallen off the face of the Earth.

I promise you that I am still here and feeling a bit guilty for not posting.

So what have I been doing?

I have been spending as much time as possible with my new granddaughter...

and doing a ton of my favorite thing...YardWork!

Can you believe that I love it? Well it shows and I thought I would share the

Monday, 22 June 2015

My Balcony Garden Makeover

I have been super busy lately but as I had promised....
 here is an update on my garden makeover. I easily get bored of the same look and scorching summers was the another reason to rearrange my garden. Gardening is joy, it's a way to rejuvenate your senses. If you love gardening too then click the link below to check out some amazing gardening tools and accessories that I bought few days ago.

Now back to my garden makeover. I rearranged all my pots and planters and idea was to save my plants from scorching sun, so I covered the part of my terrace which gets maximum sun with grass mats that were lying unused and arranged all my pots alongside it. This way all my plants were happy to get only mild morning sunlight. In the center I created zen corner and placed all the tall plants at the back and smaller ones in front row. That way it appears like a lush green small jungle.

Indian Balcony Garden

I couldn't resist and spend my evenings here. How about having some masala wali tea here :)

Balcony Garden

Now I want to add some flowering plants here to make this place look little more cheerful. 

Balcony Garden

My obsession with Buddha.....!!

Balcony Garden

Here are some fresh blooms. 

Balcony Garden

Balcony Garden

One morning my yellow fairy lilies gave me this beautiful surprise :)

Balcony Garden

Balcony Garden

Balcony Garden

Balcony Garden

Here is how my balcony garden looks now. 

Balcony Garden

It looks astounding when sun sets and my plants gleam in soft glow of sun. 

Balcony Garden

Reflection of setting sun on glass door is a way too beautiful sight to be missed. 

Balcony Garden

I love spending time here in this sanative environment. Warm glow of sun, chirping of birds, fresh air and soothing sound of temple bells all these are always so uplifting and heart warming that it makes me forget all my woes.

Balcony Garden

Have you seen my garden earlier. If not you can see here.
This below picture is how my garden looked earlier. Not bad huh!

Balcony Garden

So what do you think of new face of my garden. Please share your views.
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Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Bathroom Decor Ideas

Bathroom Decor Ideas

I have been trying to give a new look to a place that is often overlooked in a home, yes I am talking about the bathroom. Though my bathroom is a neat, sparkling clean place and always smells good, I wanted to add some personal touch and then some ideas popped in my mind. While I am implementing my ideas and giving a makeover to my bathroom, I thought I would share some bathroom decor tips with my dear readers also.
I think the bathroom is a space that needs equal attention as any other rooms in a home. It not only should look neat and clean but beautiful and functional also at the same time. So here are some easy tips to make your bathroom look like a beautiful and refreshing place at home. You can check out some inspirations on Homify too, I found some amazing ideas there.

  • The very first step to make any space look beautiful and pleasing is to make it free of clutter. Clean all the shelves and cabinets. Discard all those things that are no longer in use and just take up lot of cabinet space. Clutter free bathroom countertops will not only make your bathroom look spacious but it will provide space to keep essential cosmetics and decor accessories.

Baathroom Makeover Ideas
Source: Penintdesign / homify

  • Clean everything from shower faucets to faucets, tiled walls to floors, shower enclosure to window glass. Remove cobwebs and dust from the corners. When the space is all clean and free from dust, it starts to look beautiful even without adding any extras.
  • If you give a fresh coat of paint to any space then don't bother about anything else. Paint itself can brighten up the space and can bring about the much needed change. Lighter shade for a small bathroom is what I will suggest as light shade will give the illusion of big space. Though you can always experiment with colours. One wall in darker shade and to tone it down all the other walls in lighter shades is in trend.
  • Mirrors can turn any dull space into bright and cheerful one. Mirror in large size above the countertop will not only look aesthetically pleasing but also provides better view. It reflects light and make bathroom appear bigger and brighter.

Bathroom Makeover
Source: Smartstyle Interiors / homify

  • Lighting fixtures at right places can bring about a big difference in overall look of the bathroom. I will suggest warm diffused light for stylish and functional bathrooms. Lighting fixtures on either side of the mirror will provide better light than using just one fixture above the mirror.
  • Now when you are done with everything, it's time to decorate your bathroom and give it a personal touch. Put up some paintings that go well with the colour of the bathroom's paint. It can be your own creation as we are talking about personal touch. Keep vases full of fresh flowers or a small plant with beautiful planter to bring some cheer. Don't forget to place potpourri or reed diffuser on the bathroom counter top or place a few drops of essential oil on toilet paper roll. Your bathroom will smell amazing. Keep a basket full of hand towels and toiletries near the basin.

Bathroom Makeover
Source: Evviva Bertolini / homify
Follow above tips to enhance the look of your bathroom and don't forget to share lovely pictures with us. I am definitely sharing the images of my bathroom, once the makeover is done.
Coming up next is blog about my balcony garden makeover. Stay Tuned!!

Feeling "Blue" in our Summer Great Room


Isn't it funny how our tastes change?  Admittedly, I feel as though mine changes more than the average gal.  One minute, I love red, the next ... not so much.  One day, I tell myself I'll never use navy blue in our main rooms again, and then ... this.

I'm just going to blame it on our white sofa.  It just calls out to play with different colors since it's such the perfect backdrop ... for me, anyway.

I'm also going to blame it on Home Goods.  It seems as though they've been overloaded this season (or year) with blue, blue, blue.  And, I found myself drawn to it.

Like this pillow ... how could I resist it (?) since the blue ties in with the solid blue pillows; the burlap ties in with our white with burlap trimmed pillows; and the black lettering ties in with our black frames ... and, most importantly, the price tied in with my budget!

And, then there was pretty vase calling out to me on "aisle 9" of Home Goods ... of course, I was bummed it didn't have a twin because you must "know" how addicted to symmetry I am.  I decided to scoop it up, anyway and am glad I did!

How have I forgotten how pretty and crisp blue and white are mixed together?!

Of course, I have to always dress our mantel up for the season, and, somehow, a little blue and white found its way over there, too.

Wanna guess where I found the cute matching vases?

I'll give you a hint ... it's the "same" place I found this awesome blanket!

Feel free to come "GATHER" with me while you figure out the answer!

Shame on you Home Goods ... shaaaame!  

I love how these colors all play so well together and can't believe it took me almost 15 years to incorporate navy back into our great room decor!  I might have to keep around for awhile ...

and figure out where "else" can I add it?  Just please don't let me go back to Home Goods for awhile!

Thanks for stopping by,
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Thursday, 11 June 2015

Inspiring Eminent Artist: Deepa Swaminathan

I truly consider myself a blessed person. 
Why I am bragging here is because I am surrounded with 
so many creative, talented, versatile and positive people. And as they say "like attracts like", quite often I receive mails from like minded people who share their work with me and I always love to see different kind of art forms and how an art reflects the personal flair of the artist. One such artist is here on 3D with us today: Deepa Swaminathan, a self taught artist from Dubai. Welcome Deepa on 3D! Please tell us more about your self.
Deepa: With no formal training or qualification in Art, I have simply followed my heart to pursue my passion to paint. My children who took to art from a tender age inspired me to revive what was a hobby in my teens.

Acrylic On Canvas

Apart from exploring various subjects and media, teaching Art to children of different ages from my home in Dubai gives me immense satisfaction and ample inspiration to explore new subjects for my ever expanding canvas.

Intrigued by spirituality, culture and philosophy, I like to bring a glimpse of them in abstract and finite forms on to my canvas through colourful expressions. Art, for me, therefore is a way of life, a path !

Acrylic On canvas

 I love giving myself to the strong urge to do detailing in Mixed Media which gives me a holistic experience of various techniques. I believe, every creation is born at its assigned moment, blessed with life to spread joy. So is every Artwork...born with its own destiny and presence to bring the joy of colours into a room where it breathes.

Acrylic On Canvas

The purpose of my Art is to infuse positivity into the viewer and offer an Artistic perspective to the brighter side of life. Since life is as much an Art, I believe Art must encapsulate the most important aspect of life … Hope and Optimism !

And I must say Deepa, you are successfully infusing the positivity into the viewer. I loved your distinct style. Your paintings have some hypnotizing quality. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful and awe inspiring work of art here with all of us. I Wish you good luck and sending lots of positivity your way.
Dear readers you can check out more of Deepa's mesmerizing artwork on her Facebook page: DeeparteriumHope you enjoyed reading meeting Deepa as much as I did. 
 I always talk about home decor, but in my next I'll be talking about home security and saftey. That is I think the most important thing in today's context, so stay tuned!!

P.S. All the images are provided by Deepa Swaminathan and subject to copyright. Please seek her permission before using any of these images.

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Indian Summers And My Home

Last few days of Indian summers and my home basks in the warm glow of sunshine every evening. 
The beauty of the setting sun and the sight of the sky full of myriad colours is so breathtaking that my joyful eyes just can't stop gazing at this spellbinding view. 
Here I am sharing some of the images of my home that I used to click every evening in the summers :)
Embellishment on the votive makes the place shine even more astonishingly. 

Indian Home

Sun kissed corner in my living room. Did you notice the pink paper flower in the vase made by my son. I proudly gave it a place in the vase.

Indian Home

Soft glow of sun making my cute little Gajraj look even more majestic.

Indian Home

And let me share my favorite spot in my home where I enjoy my evening cuppa. I get to see this beauty as I sit down and relax in my living room. A lovely reflection of my patch of green.

My Home

Come now I will take you out in my balcony garden. Here is how my plants in hanging basket look against the warm glow of setting sun.

My Home

And here's the sun bidding adieu and whispering a promise for tomorrow. 

My home

Evening sky, full of colours. A sight that provokes awe.

My Home

I was missing out in action because my laptop hard disk crashed and most importantly I was too busy with my hyperactive son. His summer breaks mean I am always on my toes. But soon his summer break will be over and I will be back on track. 
Here is a teaser of my upcoming post later this month about my garden, so stay tuned.

Have a great week ahead. Coming up next is a post about a brilliant artist.

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

It's a beautiful life...

When Spring makes it's appearance in Minnesota.
We celebrate.

Celebration of the floral paths laid out by nature,
the mesmerising fragrance of Lilacs, the Lily of the Valley.
the profusion of colours in the form of honeysuckles, magnolias, forsythias.
We celebrate the earth that comes alive and turns up the saturation levels of colours a notch or two.

We also celebrate the newest member of our family
Cocoa Srinivas.
Our Beagle Pup.

He tiptoed into our lives like Spring and has made it bloom with love and joy.
I, for one have put on hold my never ending list of 'to-dos' to spend this exhilarating season outdoors with my family and our newest addition!

I will be taking a summer break from Rang Decor and from blogging to bond with my little boy Cocoa, to nurture my kitchen garden, to entertain friends, to share cups of chai and laughter with loved ones, to go on long long walks, to be mindful of the moments that life offers us.

I will see you all in fall, with fresh ideas, inspirations and features.

Till then you can continue to enjoy posts from Rang Decor's archives on the Throwback Week on Rang Decor's Facebook page and will update the Feel the breeze... series soon.

You can follow me on instagram which I typically update everyday!

Have a great summer everyone!

( Images by Arch)