Saturday, 31 January 2015

Khazana: Curated treasures on Lyndale Ave | Minneapolis

Serendipity it was!
One weekend we were walking around, exploring the streets of Lyndale Avenue in Richfield and next minute we were entering the door to a store with a giant hot pink lotus painted on the wall.

Walking into the store we were enveloped in the fragrance of floral incense and a welcoming smile by Kelly the hostess at Khazana.
As we got talking she mentioned that she followed Rang Decor on Facebook.
Serendipity it was!
The exterior view of Khazana.

Prayer flags fluttering at the entrance.

Khazana was born out of a passion for collecting art and stories.

Here is the story of how Khazana came into being...
Anju Kataria grew up in India, but traveled extensively with her family from a young age, always collecting things from her travels.
Khazana was born on Nicollet Avenue downtown in it’s first incarnation.  For the last twenty five years, Anju and her husband Ashu have continued to add to their incredible and unique collection, preferring to work directly with artisans and support local craftspeople, both in India and locally.

Khazana literally means 'treasure' and the store is a curated collection of treasures brought here to help tell the story of the people and places they come from. Khazana has a wide array of pieces but is known for textiles, bronzes, exotic jewelry and original artwork.

Three years ago Khazana found it’s final home on Lyndale when the Kataria’s bought a space Anju had loved for twenty years.
Fun Bollywood-inspired products.

Vintage Mirrorwork Textiles.


Madhubani art and textiles.

Fair-trade handcrafted silver jewellery.

'In the last year we have begun to add more classes and interactive activities in an effort to expand how we can tell our story in the community, and provide a space for others to come and tell theirs. 
We plan on offering a travel component this year and are looking forward to being able to take people to the source of these incredible pieces. We have tried to create a beautiful place where people can walk in and feel as though they have stepped into a calm and inviting, and inspiring space. 
We invite you to come experience it, and we look forward to seeing you!'
~ The lovely people at Khazana

So if you find yourself in Lyndale Avenue in Minneapolis or are looking for unique gifts do drop by Khazana~ A true treasure trove.
You can follow them on Facebook at Khazana.

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Friday, 30 January 2015

Hanging Baskets In My Small Balcony Garden

I had always wanted hanging baskets in my balcony garden, but I couldn't find big wrought iron hanging baskets with coir lining here in Pune. So I bought these plastic ones. I didn't like their dull colours though, so I painted them in vibrant colours.

Balcony Garden

I planted Money plant, Jade, 9 O'clock, Purple Wandering Jew and Singapore Daisy in some baskets, that my mother had given me and sowed seeds of Virginia Stock and Nasturtium in two baskets, that my mother-in-law had given me. I was desperate like a kid, who just wanted seeds to sprout the moment they were sown. I wanted to see, how my baskets will going to look when they will be full of foliage and blooms. And slowly it happened.........

Balcony Garden

Kid in me was so happy to see some blooms and Virginia Stock sprouts, that were filling the blue basket.

Balcony Garden

And finally the day arrived when I saw 9 O'clock, Nasturtium, Singapore Daisy and Virginia Stock blooming and Money plant & Jade thriving and spreading cheer in my small garden. This was the sight I was waiting for. It was so heart warming to look at these baskets.  

Balcony Garden

Some close ups.........

Balcony Garden

And some different angles.........

Balcony Garden

And Purple wandering Jew has become the main attraction in the garden for its lovely purple leaves and the way it's covering the basket.
Balcony Garden

But now because of cold weather Nasturtium has died :( and 9 O'clock plant has stopped blooming. 
Waiting for Spring to arrive now.
Have a great weekend ahead dear all!!

Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Homemade Wool Sweater Purse

It's a great project

to make if you can




I took a wool sweater from the thrift store and combined it with some ticking stripe and some gray fabric and made it into a really great new purse. This is not a tutorial, but just showing you the details of the bag.

I first washed and dryed the wool sweater to 'felt' it (make it shrink) for a tighter weave. I designed this in

Monday, 26 January 2015

DIY Lippan Work: Video Tutorial

Thank you so much dear all for appreciating my Lippan Work Wooden panels. I am overwhelmed by the response I got. So I created a video tutorial exclusively for my wonderful readers who want to try their hand on this art.

Indian Art

In my last post about Asus Zenfone 6 you saw how I am super impressed with ZenFone 6 and exploring its wonderful features every passing day. So this was the perfect time to test its video recording feature too. I just picked up the ZenFone 6, gathered all the supplies needed for making Lippan work wooden panels, started shooting video and without any editing published it on YouTube. It was extremely easy and quick to make a video tutorial with ZenFone 6 and the most amazing thing was publishing it on my YouTube channel right after I finished shooting it. 

I watched the video I shot, over and over again in great disbelief that how a mobile with some amazing features can save so much time. I had spent around 4-6 hrs in making video tutorials earlier and it was hassle to shoot and then edit the video.
While making video with ZenFone 6, I noticed that I can pause the video number of times whenever I want and can resume it later, it is wonderful feature specially when I am shooting DIY tutorials. Video and sound clarity is excellent.
Below is the video tutorial of Lippan work. You can check out the video and its sound quality. I found it wonderful.

Few more things that I am trying to do with ZenFone 6 is that I am creating a movie with its 'Movie Maker', using series of pictures or videos and then I can edit it.

ZenFone 6 Review

I captured lots of pictures too, will share them in my next post with all the other good features that I am exploring in ZenFone 6

Want to see more images of my Lippan Work then click here.

Friday, 23 January 2015

My Wishlist!!

I love online shopping because I don't like to go to overcrowded markets. Often times I make hurried purchases just to avoid the crowd. For me online shopping is the best option any day and if some great deals are going on then it's like icing on the cake  and I go berserk shopping. One such amazing deal is going on on eBay. It's eBay Republic Day Sale. I am totally amazed to see the discounts and deals they are offering. I have created my Wishlist and will not let go this opportunity. Here's my wishlist- 

1.Wooden Bench/Sofa:

My home is an ever evolving place. I love eclectic style of decorating. When I explored eBay deals, I found this beautiful wooden bench. I liked this wooden bench for it's ethnic look. I love everything Indian and this beautiful Sheesham wood bench is what my living room is desperately waiting for. Its colour will blend perfectly with the rest of the furniture in my living room. It looks comfortable and cozy. 
Few days ago when I checked it was not in my budget but now eBay is offering 16% discount. Win win situation for me.

2. Telescope:

This 75X /150X refractor  telescope would make a perfect gift for my son, who loves astronomy and wants to be an astronaut. He loves to watch the night sky and his curious mind wants to know how the celestial bodies actually look. This telescope would be the answer for his numerous questions.
The best thing about eBay Republic Day Sale is that they are offering international hot deals too. And I am picking this telescope for sure.

3. Casual Shoes:

The man of the house whenever goes out, just heads towards the shoe stores. Not only he loves sopping for shoes but also loves to explore more about them in various stores like latest trends, designs, durability, quality, material, make and what not. We have more shoes than socks in our home. That is why this pair of casual shoes is in my wish list. 
These brown suede leather fashionable boots are available on eBay on 30% discount. That's a great deal, I must say.

4. DSLR Camera:

Being a lifestyle blogger, I always need lots of images and that's not the only reason, I love photography too so need an excellent camera. I have been wanting to buy this DSLR camera since long now, but found it too pricey on various online shopping portals. It has always been on top on my wish list.
With eBay offering some best deals, I am so sure that now I can own this amazing camera and would be able to click some lovely shots for my blog.

5. Watches:

I love watches, especially couple watches. Earlier also my husband and I have bought few beautiful pair watches and we love the look and feel of wearing same kind of watches. 
This white silicone chronograph Armani watch is too elegant and would love to have it for it's beauty and elegance. 

What's on your wish list readers! Explore the #eBayRepublicDaySale to know more about all the hot deals.

Thursday, 22 January 2015

More Winter Decor!

This cute snowflake I made x 3

And it hangs from

The foyer faux fireplace


A circle M monogram, purchased from Pick Your Plum online, then painted in my beloved black and white check and polka dots and added to an evergreen wreath for the front door.

My old standby, a vintage childs shovel!

Oil painting that I picked up at a garage sale for $3. I get it out every

Sunday, 18 January 2015

Lippan Work Wooden Panels

Lippan work or mud mirror work is an exquisite art form of western India, 
mainly Kutch in Gujarat. I love its ethnic look. Mirrors in different shapes and sizes give it a glittery look while curvy patterns in white make it elegant and pleasing. I like all Indian art forms and I had promised myself that I will create a gallery wall in my living room exclusively with all kinds of Indian art forms. 
I am reaching towards my goal. I have painted Madhubani painting, Warli painting, my blogger friend gifted me Kalamkari painting (though I have to fill colour in it) and last year my sister and I made these Lippan work wooden panels. 

Mud Mirror Work

Here is a closer look. I made the patterns those are very close to authentic Lippan work and my sister chose contemporary design.

Mud Mirror Work

I am not sure whether I am going to put them as they are or I'll get them framed. Though I think framed ones will look better. What do you suggest?

Mud Mirror Work

I have one more idea bubbling in my mind, soon I am going to make one Lippan work tray too. What say?

Mud Mirror Work

You may want to check the intricacy of my artwork :) joking!!! It was super easy to make these panels. 

Mud Mirror Work

Gearing up to create a gallery wall full of all Indian art forms. Mural painting, Miniature painting, Tanjore and many more paintings are left to try my hands on. Though walls in my home are in desperate need of fresh coat of paint. So first thing first. 

See you all with images of some corners of my home, clicked with ZenFone 6
Hope you liked my Lippan work wooden panels.
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Kiss, Hug, Kiss!

 A quick Kiss and a Hug and how about another Kiss!

 I made this Valentine's Banner from three things,

 Baker's Twine, Fabric Cuts and Corrugated Metal letters!

  Don't you think it turned out sweet?

 Oh and the Corrugated Metal letters were purchased at Hobby Lobby!

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Friday, 16 January 2015

Our Winter Great Room

Happy Friday!

Is it really already mid-January?  It seems like just *yesterday,* we were all sharing our holiday homes!

Normally, I would transition right into Valentine's Day after taking down our Christmas decorations, but, this year, I thought I'd give the red a break for a bit and keep a few winter touches around our house. 

I decided to add in a bit of gray, with the help of these pretty solid and striped pillows from IKEA:

I then shopped the house and brought in chunky mercury candlesticks (from the dining room) and added them to our sofa table.  I left our wintery arrangement that was here at Christmas, but, I removed the red berry branches to give it a cleaner look:

Of course, blankets are a "must" when it comes to winter decor, which is why I had to scoop up this blanket from IKEA ... love the colors and it helps our chair feel "cozy ready!"

I've really enjoyed intruding more gray around here ... and, I even carried it over to our buffet.  Although, I'm not done with it yet ... gotta add just "one" more coat of paint, and then she'll be ready for her close up:

Now, you *knoooow* that I had to try my hand at a simple Winter mantel.

And, when I saw this free printable from my sweet friend Barb on her fabulous blog, The Everyday Home, I knew I had to print it off and add it to our mantel, smack dab in the middle!  Thanks again, Barb!

"Pencil-y" Christmas trees (that were on our foyer table during the holidays) and silver candlesticks help to finish off our simple Winter mantel.

While I miss the red and vibrant holiday colors around our house, we're enjoying the soft and soothing "wintery" colors in here for now ...

And, of course, I had to add a bit of Winter in the kitchen, too.  Soon, these sweet, faux treats will be replaced with Valentine goodies!

Stop back by for a few splashes of "LOVE" soon!

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Thursday, 15 January 2015

My latest Crush - Asus Zenfone 6

You can call me gadget geek. I just love trying my hands on latest in technology devices and appliances. I love the fact that how technology is shaping our lives and can be a great help, provided you are using it in proper manner and for better. For me it has always been a great help, be it blogging, online interaction with clients, raising a tech wizard kid or fun with family and friends far away from me, I always need a good device that is packed with latest technology. Sometimes this is how I work.....

Asus Zenfone 6

Recently I have been given Asus Zenfone 6 to use and write my experiences about it. I have been using Zenfone 6 since past 4-5 days and found it quite impressive phone. It is the most beautiful phone that I have ever used. It has very useful features and it's quite robust mobile.

Zenfone Review

How I am using Zenfone 6:
 Lets see how I am using it. I found some unique features in Zenfone 6 and here they are...

Sleek and light:
The moment I picked up the Zenfone 6, the very first thing that I noticed about it is, it's sleek body and light weight, which is 196 gms only. It perfectly fits in my palm but, yes, I have to use other hand to operate it. Back cover of this mobile is in a matte finish that allows perfect grip. My earlier phone's screen shattered because of its glossy back, that doesn't allow perfect grip and it slipped from my hand. Zenfone 6 screen is protected by Corning Gorilla Glass 3, which is a benefit for user like me.
Though it's a bigger phone but, it fits perfectly in my jeans pocket, bigger and better it is. And because  of its light weight I will give few extra marks to Zenfone 6, because unlike my previous phone I can hold Zenfone 6 for longer with feeling any discomfort or pain in my hand.

Zenfone 6 Review

Bigger Screen:
Zenfone 6 screen is quite bigger. With its 6 Inches LCD display, it is a large beautiful phablet. I loved the device for its better and wider display. Brightness level offered by display is quite good that results in brightly lit visuals. I love watching videos and playing games on Zenfone 6  because of amazing picture and graphic quality. I am a big music lover. I love to listen to music whenever I am stressed out but, with Zenfone 6 not only I enjoy music, but I can write my blog post also at the same time. Isn't that icing on the cake.

ZenFone 6 Review

One more thing that I liked a lot about Zenfone 6 is its touch, which is quite sensitive and accurate. I faced lots of problem with touch screen of my previous mobile. Thankfully Zenfone 6 offers wider screen and sensitive touch, now no more typing mistakes. Writing a blog post and replying to mails have become pretty easier and time saving. With my previous mobile it was a hassle to write post, upload pictures in a blog and then editing a post. I tried writing blog post using Zenphone 6 and I was quite amazed with the result. I wrote the entire post with great ease.

Zenfone 6 Review

See the size of virtual keys in type pad, it allows your finger tip to freely tap the specific key. Zenfone 6 earned extra bonus in terms of touch screen sensitivity and accuracy. You can switch to glove mode too when you are using the phablet with gloves on, useful feature specially in winters.

Zenfone 6 Review

I am exploring the device and finding something new, exciting and extra ordinary everyday, I will share more of Zenfone 6 unique features and how I am using it. Stay tuned!!

Coming up next "Lippan work panel made by me".