Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Diwali vignettes Rang Decor style....

Just few frames of how I will be decorating our humble abode this Diwali. My colour palette seems to be gravitating more towards whites, creams, violet and silver.

Mercury votives add the sparkle to the festival of lights...

 Vintage finds and traditional silverware makes interesting combinations.

 Float some candles.

...and some flowers!

Most importantly let your creativity flow, enjoy the process and savour the glow and joy!

Have a fabulous time with your family and friends with loads of happiness and laughter!

Diwali Ki bahut Shubhkanayein!  

Happy Diwali all you lovely readers of Rang Decor! Stay safe! Sending loads of warm wishes from a cold Minnesota:-)

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Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Pinch a little...

I am referring to a technique used in pottery called pinching. It's a super simple way of making a clay pot. Here is a link to how you can make a pinch pot.
Recently we made it in my pottery class with coloured porcelain clay.

So I thought for this Diwali why not make pinch pot tea light holders? I remembered we had some Air-Dry Clay that we had used to make Ganesha this year. 
So quickly I made little clay balls that fit into my palm and made pinch pots that could fit a tea light. I loved the creamy white colour, so I retained it. 

If you like you can paint the tips or use coloured clay. 
 I moulded it in such a way that it gives a rustic, floral, petal-like feel.

 A peach and cream colour scheme comes together...

You can line it in a row or place it in a single tray with flowers.

Few readers asked about how to incorporate the fall decor accessories available here in the US.
Few felt/foam leaves scattered around the pinch pot tea-light holders gives it an autumn appeal. Add mini pumpkins or winter squashes around the tea lights.

You can get your kids involved in making pinch pots and the clay dries quite easily.

Hope you liked this simple DIY idea for Diwali. 

Have a beautiful Diwali filled with warm glow and happiness!

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Sunday, 27 October 2013

Our Boring Halloween Mudroom!

If you were to ask my son what is second favorite holiday is, he'll quickly tell you it's Halloween!  He's at that age (7) where he wants things scary and spooky, not cute and childlike.

Sooooo, when I finished decorating our mudroom for Halloween (admittedly, the only room I splash a bit of spook around), needless to say, he wasn't as impressed as he has been in years past.

When I asked if he liked the new "BOO" garland, he said, "sure, it's cute, but, it's not scary ... at all."  Okay, fine.

What about the mice running here and there?!  Nope, boring.

Surely, the spider taking over our family wall and turning frames crooked with its huge web takes you "aback," right?  "Sorry, Mommy, but, no."

Yup, apparently, spiders aren't scary one little bit, especially when they're sparkly!  Who knew?  

Neither are the birds who are ready to attack.

Well, at least he approves of the candy,

especially since the eyeballs are edible!

Sounds like I've got my work cut out for me next year.  For now, our "cute and childlike" Halloween mudroom will have to do!

Thanks for stopping by our boring and "non-scary" Halloween mudroom!

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Thursday, 24 October 2013

My Wonderful Discovery!

I am known for my love of Checks!

Black and White or,

Black and Tan,

Wonderful checks in general!

So when I came upon this Wonderful Discovery! of an area rug website that had my love for checks in the form of a rug, I was overjoyed!

Checks that I have painted are on this old tea kettle and pottery pitcher...

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Tiny Changes in our Master Bedroom

I owe our bedroom an apology, as I always tend to forget to share little goodies in here ...

whether it's orange pillows added for the season,

a pretty mirror that came home with me earlier this summer from Home Goods (that used to be white, but quickly turned gold, thanks to a quick paint job),

or, even a pretty new comforter set from Tuesday Morning and cute pillow from Home Goods.

When the gash on my "pleather" top flea market find ottoman got larger, I forgot to share how our faux animal rug came to rescue in covering said gash up!

And, when I added an orange runner to our painted bench, I walked right by it time and time again without my camera.

Remember when I added my World Market wing chairs to our dining room ... well, somehow they found their way in here earlier this summer ... they like playing musical chairs, I suppose.

Well, at least I can't feel badly about this piece, as it hasn't changed with the swipe of my paint brush ... YET, anyway.

The matching armoire has somehow also been spared from my paint brush ...

too bad I can't say the same for what "used" to be a square, white plate.  Yup, there aren't many things that I won't paint!  I'm sure you can relate.

Well, I hope that our bedroom forgives me for neglecting it.  I'll try to be better about that.

Please tell me you have a room that you tend to neglect, too!

Thanks for stopping by!

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Diwali Decor Ideas

Before I share Diwali decor ideas, I would like to thank all my readers and friends for showering
so much love on my blog. It's because of your love and support my blog has been nominated  for
'The Most Informative Blog' on GoodHomes Awards 2013.
If you really found my blog 'The Most Informative' one then please Like the link here to cast your vote :)

Diwali, the most beautiful and the brightest festival in our culture is 
just around the corner. I know lot of my readers were waiting for post on Diwali Decor Ideas.
Your wait ends here.

Rangoli at entrance make it cheerful and inviting. Make one with colors or with petals, put some diyas or candles and see the mesmerizing effect. 



Toran made of marigold flower strings and mango leaves add perfect festive cheer.

Bright and vibrant color walls add to festive glow. Give a fresh coat of bright color to your walls and you are all set to welcome festivity. 

Bright Wall

Bring in greens and don't forget the flower power. Strings of marigold on walls give a festive look to home.




Take out all the lanterns, candles, tea light candles, diyas and lamps. It's time to display those beauties all around the home.

Apart from this there are lot of things that you can do to make your home look pleasing and inviting. Cushions specially silk or brocade with bling look perfect, use some nice matching throw and rug for cozy look. 
Make a cluster of pillar candles and tea lights put one decorative mirror behind the arrangement. This setting will double up the charm and glow of your space.
To make a table centerpiece: take any tray put some pebbles with flowers or petals then put tea lights in any fashion linear, circular or random then put some pearls around each tea light. You are ready to greet your guests :)
Hope you will find these tips interesting and will try out some to make your home ready for the biggest festival.