Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Winner of the Kirkland's $50 Giveaway!

And, the winner of the fabulous $50 gift card giveaway, sponsored by Kirkland's, is ...

Linda from Coastal Charm !!  Congrats to you, Linda ... I will be contacting you, shortly.

And, thanks so much to all of you who participated.  I look forward to hosting another giveaway soon!

Sunday, 29 January 2012

Question of the Day ...

Okay, so *why* is it that when I set out to complete ONE project (in this case, simply painting the walls/ceiling in our master bedroom to FINALLY match the window treatments I added a year ago) ...

that it spirals into things like ... oh ... adding new fabric:

switching out furniture:

a trip to HomeGoods:

an unexpected order of chalk paint:

a touch of pink for Valentine's Day:

*way* too much time looking (and still looking) for a super deal on one of these (from Amazon.com):

annnnnd, winding up in our master bathroom, wielding my paint brush while my eyes start to spasm with ideas ?!  Anyone care to give me the answer ?!  Anyone ... anyone ...

Welcome to my world ... please tell me you're my neighbor.  LOL

Thanks for stopping by!

Hankie Collection

I didn't realize that I had so many vintage hankies until I decided to show you my collection and all the different ways I display them.

Let's just say,


My Valentine Hankies

My Rose Hankies(Displayed on a spoon rack that I painted)Blue Themed HankiesYellow Themed HankiesMy Grandma's Collection of Hankies that I inherited.(I used ribbon wrapped wire in three rows on a vintage

Friday, 27 January 2012

Kirkland's Lamp Review and $50 Gift Card Giveaway!

(Edited to add:  the giveaway is now closed ... I'll be announcing the winner later today, January 31st!)

TGIF, everyone!  Okay, raise your hand if you love Kirkland's.  Okay, now raise your hand if you'd love a chance to win a $50 gift card from Kirkland's.

Imagine my surprise when, last week, a representative from Kirkland's Home Decor contacted me to ask if I'd be willing to review one of their new lamps on my blog, as well as offer one of my sweet readers a $50 gift card to Kirkland's!  Of course, I said yes and *patiently* waited for the lamp to arrive!

Well, yesterday, this gorgeous "Metallic Mercury Glass Table Lamp" (which is 29" tall and retails for $59.99), was waiting for me at our front door:

Isn't it beautiful?  While I love ANYthing mercury, I'm especially enamored with this lamp because of its unique base design.  It's sophisticated, chic and fun, all-in-one.  The mercury glass base even has a beautiful slight *dark berry* tint to it, and it also wonderfully reflects any color that it sits next to, as well.  The classic drum shade (which, we all know is so very popular right now), is the perfect companion for the mercury base ... its tan color reminds me of light burlap.  I also love that they chose a black base and finial ... it serves as the perfect contrast.  This would be a wonderful addition in any room and compliment any style of decor fabulously!  I *think* I've found just the right spot for it in our home (just *look* at its ambiance):

Along with the gorgeous lamp, we all know what awesome goodies await us at Kirkland's ... I love that they are bringing in several lighter colored, as well as vintage, accessories:

Look at this beautiful "Vintage Rose Buffet" lamp, which retails for $59.00:

And, what about this "Parisian Wall Clock," which retails for $29.99:

And, how cool is this "Vintage Key Candle Holder," which retails for a mere $14.99?!

That's only a mere *tease* of the fabulous new products that they have to offer!

If you'd like to enter this wonderful $50 gift card giveaway, all you have to do is leave a comment letting me know that you're a follower of my blog (if you are listed as a nonreply blogger, *please* be sure and leave your email address in your comment, too, so that I may get in touch with you should you win):
Want a second chance to win?  Then, in a seperate comment, let me know that you follow/or are now following my Adventures in Decorating Facebook page.
Want a third chance to win?  Then, in a seperate comment, let me know that you follow/or are now following Kirkland's Facebook page.
Also, please see Kirkland's official entry rules for more details!

And, PS: if you don't live near a Kirkland's, no worries, you can use the gift card on their website!

It's that easy ... I will announce the winner Tuesday, January 31st!  
And, a sincere "thank you" to Kirkland's for sending the lamp to me for my own review, as well as sponsoring such a wonderful giveaway!

Good luck, everyone!

Thursday, 26 January 2012


I was so surprised and thrilled  to win  Northern Nesting's giveaway 
from Martina!

I received it today and I was shocked at how large this Chicken Wire Cloche really is!

You can see here that I have an actual antique glass cloche that is rather large and this one is almost the same size! I ran around the house trying to decide how I was going to decorate with it!
I finally decided on BOOKS!

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Buffalo Check Pillows

If I were to choose one favorite thing to sew, it would be pillows! I think they are fun to make. I can be as creative as I want plus they don't take a lot of time. And are fun to display!

I purchased this fabric...
I made two of these pillows...

I first combined them with these red tassel pillows that I made from leftover swag valances that you can see that post HERE.
Now, starts the pillow

Sunday, 22 January 2012

Embellished dwellings in Kutch...

Kutch is a mystical land.
Intriguing. Exuberant. Enthralling.

...and all I believe is to do with the people who have migrated from Afghanistan, Pakistan, Himalayas, Northern India and Central India.

Each community bearing different names like Jats, Meghwals, Rabaris, Mutwas, Sodhas, Ahirs but bound together by the land.

The land that is dry, arid and harsh. The land that has seen years of drought and earthquakes.

Great admiration surges in my heart when I see the people of Kutch who have overcome these hardships by painting a vibrant colour-scheme on a dull, unyielding landscape. Their palette saturated with colours adorn they homes, their attires, their work and their lives!
May your days be filled with smiles this New Year:-)

Sharing with you few frames from their humble but grand dwellings. The dwellings which are fabulous examples of aesthetics & functionality. They are practical yet beautiful. They are small yet roomy. They are organized yet exuberant.
Chitra kaam on a Bhunga...

inside a Bhunga near Ludiya...

Inside and outside a Bhunga in Gandhi Nu Gaam near Ludiya, Kutch.
painted entrance...

Mutwa community dwelling...

Inside a Mutwa community dwelling in Dhordo, Kutch
Bhunga near Dhordo...

Interiors of another Mutwa Bhunga at Dhordo, Kutch.
lipan kaam...

Sculpted clay 'Lipaan' work on the exterior of the Bhungas.

A Meghwal family in Hodka Village, Kutch.
Bhunga in Hodka...

Inside a Bhunga of Meghwal community. Everything one needs is neatly organized.
painted doors...

Painted doors.

Vibrant patchwork quilts.
Bhunga near Hodka...

Look at all those quilts they have been sewing neatly stacked.

Smiling in spite of all the hardships.
painted doors...

Art in every wall, every corner, everywhere.

...and it warms my heart to see art, embellishments, beauty winning over this harsh land of Kutch.

(Images by Arch)

Painting Continues and More Mesh ...

Happy Sunday!

Well, I'm almost done painting the master bedroom, but then, I'll have to tweak and futz and tweak and futz.  *Sigh*  But, I must admit, I'm loving the new colors in here!

While I'm working away, I thought I'd share a few more mesh wreaths I've recently designed for others. I'm loving my new *side gig* and look forward to creating many more!

For a Nebraska Cornhusker's fan:

This fun customer ordered a wreath to compliment her Christmas tree which was done in blue, brown and silver.  She asked if I'd also add a bit of animal print ribbon for some pizzazz, too:

A Valentine day wreath greets folks at our friends' house in Northern Virginia:

A fun new friend of mine gave her Mom a wreath of her choice for her birthday.  She asked for a rustic/lodge wreath for their basement ... this is what I came up with:

Sweet friends ordered an "everyday" wreath for their front door in their favorite colors of black, white and red:

I made this one for my parents for Christmas ... they live on the ocean and love anything "coastal!"

Double the "LOVE" at our great neighbors' entry:

A winter wreath to fill the void on a sweet customer's front door:

Another Valentine wreath for a wonderful family!

Go Clemson Tigers!

And, lastly, our Valentine's Day wreath:

I'll be back soon with *hopefully* pics of our soft and serene master bedroom!  Have a great day everyone ... and, "Go Giants!"
Thanks so much for stopping by!

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Shabby Dress Form Belt

I decided to undress my Dress Form 

and display her differently.

Initially, I had her dressed in my wedding dress.

But before that, she was a $2.50 garage sale find.I covered her in book pages and loved the outcome.
Then, I recently saw this picture (below) for new inspiration for her.So, I went to my sewing room and found a lace and muslin valance that I paid 50¢ at a garage sale

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Shaam-E-Sarhad, Hodka Village, Kutch.

Little did I realize that while I had posted about this resort from a magazine, way back in 2007 and the subsequent posts about NGOs working in Kutch, that I was actually laying invisible foundation stones for a trip to Kutch, Gujarat in December 2011, a good four years later.

Shaam-E-Sarhad is a eco-resort built in a Kutchi village-style setting using locally sourced materials and crafts of the region. It is owned and managed by the Hodka village community and is open only from October to March.

The resort promotes Endogenous Tourism where one travels not just for pleasure, but also to appreciate local community and their life in rural Gujarat.

"The Endogenous Tourism Project in Hodka village seeks to promote local culture and craft based tourism for sustainable livelihoods and integrated rural development. Its aim is to improve the local people's quality of life, by creating more livelihood options, while preserving and allowing the community to develop their unique culture and share it with visitor."~ hodka.in
The reception area is adorned with 'Chittar Kaam' patterns and designs in earthy colours.

The use of local architectural style, the intricate art & crafts is very evident as soon as one enters Shaam-E-Sarhad (translated 'Sunset at the border')
Hodka village is not very far from the Rann of Kutch region which shares the border with Pakistan.

The dining area is below a multi-hued canopy of bright local fabrics patches...

A sit-out made out of a mixture of smooth mud and dung. Beautiful patchwork quilts made by local artisans spread their colours on an otherwise neutral colour-palette.

A Kutchi cloth doll with traditional dress swings gently in the breeze from the wooden poles..

Even the switch board is made using locally crafted wooden plank.

There are a few Bhunga mud houses and many tents where you can experience sustainable living.

Orange dawn from our tent on the first day of our stay at the resort.

The next day we moved to the Bhunga house:-) The resort is very popular with travelers who come to visit the White Rann of Kutch, Dhordo, Hodka and the wildlife sanctuaries.

This is Pandhi Bhai with another local gentleman. Pandhi Bhai plays the Morsing on cold star-studded winter nights sitting on that 'charpouy' in the previous photograph.

Bhunga is a house that is circular in design, made of mud plaster, dung and twigs, it has a light dome-shaped bamboo and thatched roof. A glorious mud structure that is resistant to high windspeed and earthquakes.

The thick walls keep the interior cool when the temperature rises to 46 degrees celsius in summer and warm when it drops to two degrees in winter.

A fabulous example of Kutchi architecture and eco-living.

The 'Chittar Kaam' or Mud paintings convert the exterior of the Bhungas into art canvas' as well.

The 'Lipan Kaam' or the sculpted mud-mirror work frame the wooden windows.


'Lipan Kaam' at the entrance to our Bhunga with lacquer work wooden door.

The interior of the Bhunga with stunning patchwork bedspreads and curtains.

The purple seating glows as the light filters in.

Utterly, deeply and completely in love with the woven curtains.

The intricately carved wooden window shutters.

Sitting under the canopy of rainbow colours, watching the dusk envelope the Bhungas at Shaam-E-Sarhad, we sat sipping our hot Khullad chai and just being in the moment.

(images by Arch, the last one by Mr. Husband)